Blogger Spotlight; Joanne Hanson

Joanne Hanson blogs on her Summit County Real Estate web site. This blog is an excellent example of how blogging can be published a seamless section of an existing web site. Something yesterday’s spotlight blogger was looking to do as well. It’s beautifully done in my opinion.

What inspired you to create a real estate blog?

The fact that it would help my website in organic search positioning. That was all initially, but now I am getting into it and enjoying it. I need more sleep though 🙂

What do you like to blog about?

I am in a vacation home market and there is little out there about how to manage a second home, plus I wanted to highlight the lifestyle in our area.

Where do you go, or what do you do to find topics to blog about?

Active Rain primarily (I also have my own blog on my website )
I also have RSS readers set up and read several blogs regularly, plus I have google alerts set up for “vacation homes”. There is not much out there though, which is good I guess, as I am one of few rather than one of many!

When people ask questions or make comments, I make note and blog about them. Plus I write about things happening in our area, but not so much events. I figure our local paper will do that. I am trying to highlight local businesses and people without losing my real estate focus. Then I email the subjects of my post and let them know about it so they can send to friends etc. Too many people just blog about listings and that is not interesting to me. Just more advertising. I think my readers would feel the same way.

How does blogging fit into your overall marketing plan, or does it?

SEO, SEO, SEO. Plus market and area knowledge once I get a decent number of readers

If there was anything you could change about your blog to make it better, what would it be?

My knowledge…backtracks etc

What are some of your favorite blogs?

RSS pieces, Tomato, AR, others I am still discovering

What web sites, blogs, tools, or people do you find most helpful in building your blog?

My webdesigner initially, Active Rain primarily, google analytics, hittail, and anything else I can find that I can use.

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being Bill Gates, one being my great grandmother (bless her heart), what level of computer savvy would you say you have?

I am trying to learn trigonometry without having had algebra. I might be a 5 if I stretch. I generally educate myself enough to know what I need to do, but I hire someone to actually do it. I don’t have the knowledge for that, but I am learning!

Do you have any tips or advice for a fellow real estate professional that’s looking to get into blogging?

Get online and read everything you can. If you dont’ understand it, read some more and find places that keep it as simple as possible. That is why I like active rain so much, because a lot of stuff out there is written in geekspeak and I need easy.

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