Blog Fiesta is just a week away!

In just seven days, we’ll be talkin’ blogs and eating tacos. If you haven’t registered yet, well, giddyup!

I’m sure the burning question that all of you have on your mind is, “what will happen to this blog once the event is over?” Ok, maybe it never even occurred to you. I’m going to tell you anyway. Blog Fiesta will be widening it’s focus nationwide. I’ve been busy interviewing nationally recognized bloggers in the mortgage and real estate industry. These interviews will start publishing this weekend!. On the 18th, a redesigned blog will be revealed with a focus on bringing you the perspectives of other RE bloggers.

Nobody’s a true expert on real estate blogging just yet. Let’s get there together.

0 thoughts on “Blog Fiesta is just a week away!

  1. Justin Smith

    Hey Todd,
    I didn’t know you were local to Denver! Thank you so much for organizing this. I discussed the meeting with Joe F. a couple months ago, but was still unsure what kind of meeting to organize when they got here. You beat me to the punch.

    I look forward to meeting you and everyone else.

  2. Administrator

    Can’t beat Denver! Hopefully, all 21 bloggers can make it. Maybe we could do a group photo with the RV.


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