RBF’s ambitios future

With our local fiesta event in the rear view mirror. I want to share my future goals for REMBEX Blog Fiesta.

First off, I am among the most knowledgeable bloggers in this industry when it comes to how blogging works. But I’m also sure that I have far more to learn than I already know. I read what other leading voices have to say, and I think they all are in the same boat. A good start, but we are far from the finish. So my goal for RBF is to create a community where we can all get there together. I’ll be sharing my opinions, interviewing others, linking to excellent posts from outside of RBF, promoting off-line networking events, and looking to recruit HUNDREDS of contributors to this blog.

Yes, I did say hundreds. I’m looking for existing bloggers who want to talk about blogging. You do not need to prove yourself as an expert, just willing to share your experiences and advice. No opinions will be quashed so long as they are readable, professional, and within the law. However, all will be able to comment, disputing or complimenting your arguments. As you can see with the blog’s new format, I’m giving maximum exposer to the visitors who contribute.

I think ambitious is a good word to use. To date, this site is totally unproven. I don’t expect hundreds bloggers to start contributing today, but I will be working to make that happen. If you want to contribute, let me know by email at todd@mariah.com. In addition, if you have a local event coming up in your future, let me know about that as well.

Finally, if you have some ideas on how to move forward I’d love to hear them.

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