The biggest event yet!

Wow, I’m so happy with how the fiesta turned out! Until today, I had only ever met two other RE bloggers in person, and one of them doesn’t blog anymore. Looking back, this is something all of us should have done a long time ago. it was great to meet everyone, and I hope we can all meet up again.

I want to thank Kristal Kraft and Rob Blake for working with me to put this event together, Joe and Rudy for inspiring the event and contributing to our panel, Vali for manning the registration desk, Veronica for contributing a door prize, Mariana for taking up a tip collection, and Jessica for helping to rig the drawing. :p

The only thing I’m disappointed in, is that I didn’t take enough good pictures. Here are a few, with more to come from the bloggerazzi.

We had our fiesta at Garcia’s of Denver. I’m very happy with the way they worked with us. If you ever want to put on a seminar in South Denver, I highly recommend them.

Meredith Hanson, Joanne Hanson & Jason Adams drove all the way from Dillon. They’re shooting the breeze with Jennifer Steck and Doug Lindstrom.

The Blogmobile arrives!

Vali took up the task of greeting everyone at our check-in table.

Joe and Rudy take the stage. Look at that crowd!

Rob advises the crowd on SEO. 23 existing bloggers, plus quite a few more who were interested in starting a blog attended. This might be the biggest crowd of RE bloggers ever assembled! At least for the next few days.

Other pics from Blog Fiesta

Kristal has a great slide show over on Active Rain.

Justin has a few pics and comments as well.

Mariana has a very detailed post with pictures.

Blogger Reaction

Steve Scheer

Dena Stevens

Jay Hicks

If you attended the event, and have posted about it on your blog, please let me know so I can link it here.

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  1. Jennifer Steck

    Todd, Thanks for getting us all together to finally connect. We couldn’t have done it without you, Kristal and all the others who helped. It was fun to finally meet the characters that I’ve grown so attached to. I agree with Kristal. Let’s plan another event sometime soon. I’d love to help put it together.


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