Giving Google love to your readers.

Hat tip to Dave Smith of Real Estate Blog Labs for this cool little WordPress Plugin. It was exactly the tool I needed. Now, anyone who leaves comments on this blog will receive a back-link that Google will follow. There’s a one day probation for all comments so I can discard any comment spam.

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  1. Jay Thompson

    I’ve had the “Dofollow” plug in on my blog for about a month. Haven’t really noticed an increase in comments, but that’s not really the point. SpamKarma still catches dozens of spammy comments a day.

    I suspect at some point the spammers may (if they haven’t already) find a way to pick out blogs with “dofollow” and hit them harder. But I haven’t really noticed that yet.

  2. Todd Carpenter

    Jay, Comment Spam got so bad on Lenderama got so bad that I just turned them off for almost a year. I’m hoping this blog will better encourage reader participation.

    I don’t see the Dofollow making that much of a difference, but why not do right by the reader for contributing. I’m glad to here you’re using it to.

  3. Dave Smith

    Todd and Jay,

    Even if it does increase the spam traffic they will just feed your spam filter more food. It won’t get them a link back in any form.

    Jay, you might want to let your reader’s know as Todd just did. It might make a difference then : )


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