The blogroll is filling up fast.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been trying to reward all of the early visitors to RBF by including them in my header and blog-roll. Basically, all you need to do to qualify is have an RE related blog and to prove you were here. I’ve been trying to monitor the visitors through MyBlogLog, but one way to guaranty that I’ll see you is to leave a comment here, or on any other thread. When the squares are gone, the blogroll will be full, closed forever. Don’t end up the Elaine Bennis of RE Bloggers. It’s time to speak up!

0 thoughts on “The blogroll is filling up fast.

  1. jp moses

    Hey, great idea! I’ve seen your sumbrero’d RSS thingy all over the RE blogosphere. Now I finally took the time to see what you’ve got going. Nice!

    Thanks for taking the initiative.

    …jp moses
    Flipping Homes

  2. Black Bear Realty

    Hey, that’s a great spam protector, so much more notable than fill in the numbers kind of graphic. Quite an undertaking on your part, and we would duly appreciate being on the blogroll as well.


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