What is REMBEX anyway?

For nearly as long as I have been blogging, I’ve tried to measure the RE Blogosphere. I got the idea from Hanin Levin, who made monthly posts about the new RE Blogs he found. I didn’t think it was appropriate to post on my mortgage industry blog, so I set up a separate page. My first round of blogs added up to about 50, but soon after, I started receiving emails like the following:

Can you add my blog to your “Real Estate & Mortgage Blogs”?

My blog is: www.raincityguide.com

Thanks in advance!


Soon, the list grew to 100, then 200, and the search engines loved it. They still do. But looking back, it’s not a very user friendly page. I was looking for a way bring order to the list. Maybe as a directory listed by category. Then Google Custom Search Engine application came along. The Real Estate & Mortgage Bloggers EXchange search engine was born.

By dumping all of the URLs of RE blogs into the engine, REMBEX searches the content of every single blog. Nothing to organize or sort through. If I were the only one that used it, I’d still keep it going. The best part about it is that I review each blog before including it. The only vetting a blog receives is to make certain it’s current, about real estate, and not a spam blog. Well over 1000 RE blogs are now included, and rarely a day goes by without me adding a few more.

So what is REMBEX Blog Fiesta? Well, consider it a sister site to the search engine. REMBEX helps you find content on blogs. Blog Fiesta helps you find out more about the bloggers who are providing that content. I had been trying to think up an original way to do a blog coaching type blog. When Joe at Selsius encouraged me to set up an event for their BlogTourUSA stop, I built a simple blog to promote the event. Then I thought it would be neat to interview some of the bloggers who were going to attend. Then I thought it would be cool to interview bloggers across the country. REMBEX Blog Fiesta was born!

My vision for the future for REMBEX is to continue to find ways for bloggers to connect with each other. I have some cool ideas for the future so stay tuned!

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