Carnivals, fiestas, and other shiny buttons.

I just updated the Great Posts About Blogging page. This is my loose interpretation of a blog carnival for content focused on the the art of great blog creation. There are no winners and the losers never get mentioned. Basically, if you have a good post that I run across, I tag it. The list get’s updated every few weeks, but there’s a RSS feed that let’s you see the posts mere seconds after I save them to my account.

The Carnival of Real Estate is a more traditional carnival. It’s a weekly contest, hosted by Drew Meyers of Zillow, with weekly judges, to find the best real estate blog post. Recently, Greg Swann, of Bloodhound Blog introduced the Odysseus Medal. This follows the same basic carnival format as CoRE but is judged solely by Gregg, and focuses more on the quality of writing. So I have no chance of ever winning šŸ˜‰

Both of these sites are great resources for those who like to learn through example. I added their shiny web button thingys to the right column. I thought about making my own shiny button for my great posts page, but I think one widget is enough for now.

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