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Earlier this week, Lani Anglin interviewed April Groves. So you had to see this coming. Now April has interviewed Lani. This has been a great exercise that I plan on duplicating in the future. Thank you Lani and April! I would also like to thank Lani for her influence in the design of RBF’s header. I stole was inspired her very original blogroll.

At what point did you know you had found your blogging voice?

Well, not in the shower, that’s for sure (just ask my hubby about my awful singing). I began developing my voice before I developed my blog. In reading all sorts of blogs (and figuring out what the heck a blog was), my frequent comments actually formed what became my blog.

Bloggers draw so much from their personal experiences. How do you create and maintain that line with family, friends, colleagues, and/or clients?

Well, it’s like oil and water- the two coexist by touching each other but don’t mix. I don’t usually write about my personal life, but like any writer, I am affected by everyone that slips in and out of my life. Honestly, most people don’t “get” blogging so I’m never told by anyone but my husband, “don’t blog about this.”

Blogging can be very time consuming. How do you schedule it into your day?

I’m like that guy on Criminal Minds who can read at the speed of light. Well… maybe I don’t have super powers, but I am a very fast reader and typer, so my time online is streamlined pretty well (especially now that I’ve thinned down my feed reader from 232 blogs I read daily to only 67- yay me!).

That said, I am too ridiculously committed to blogging to name times anymore, but my Feed Reader Trends will tell you I primarily blog from 9pm-12pm after the phone has stopped ringing.

Along the lines of time consuming – would you still do it if there were no recognizable business benefits?

Does Tom Selleck have a mustache? Honestly, I don’t nor have I ever aimed for RE Revealed to be this magnificent cash cow, but I’ve made some connections that have brought business to my husband’s company that wouldn’t have been born any other way.

I mostly write for and network with Realtors although I’m not a Realtor, and it’s a really great outlet for me. I have an English degree and at one point wrote competitively- it’s in my blood even if I’ll never be a Ray Bradbury, I keep my passive vocabulary in pocket, and I never use Latin!

What are your top 10 favorite NON RE blogs?

Oh man, April- you KNOW there are some oddball blogs I follow: I Can Has Cheezburger (which is literally the highlight of my day), Lifehacker, Mashable, Beautiful Chaos, Make It Great, Blog Maverick, One Bread One Body (most important blog of the day), Duct Tape Marketing, Snarky Musings from The Shadows, and Catholic Prayers.

Writing everyday can be taxing. Where do you get your ideas and inspiration?

I actually have the opposite problem- I have TOO MANY ideas! I keep a small notepad in my purse and a list of links and ideas on my laptop that I continually add to and delete. My ideas come from these three places (1) other blogs, (2) personal interactions in places like the store, over the phone with vendors, (3) in conversation with other Realtors on the team. Ideas pop up all over the place- it’s like photography… once you have the photographer’s eye, everything is a picture!

Again with the taxing – how do you keep your blog from going stale?

First off, I’m so blushing because you said my blog isn’t stale! It’s the same as keeping food from going stale- proper care and follow up is required with articles and without the upkeep required, material gets scattered and stale.

As a participant in both Bloodhound and Beautiful Chaos, what are some of the advantages, differences, etc. of partnering in two completely different forums?

For me, I have several types of blog articles in my head and each offers a different outlet. At times, there are topics that I feel need national coverage and they are posted on Bloodhound. When I come across something inspiring or personal, I head over to Beautiful Chaos. When Austin news or topics inspire me, I head to Single Pointe Realty and when general Real Estate or technology topics hit me, they belong on RE Revealed. I’ve written before about organizing your blog pantry and putting everything in its place, and as an obsessive compulsive person, I meticulously plan where all of my thoughts are filtered to.

Have you ever seen the Outback Steakhouse commercials with the boomerang that hits hungry people in the head? Blogging is like that- a big smack in the head and it’s up to me to put pen to paper (err, fingers to keyboard).

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  1. Todd Carpenter

    I Can Has Cheezburger cracks me up big time. I even linked to it on one of my Silly Friday Posts on lenderama.

    I wish I had your “too many ideas” problem. I once took a three week blogging sabbatical because I was plumb out. Not the best way to keep a blog fresh.

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