Blogger Spotlight; Nicole Nicolay

Mortgage originators and title reps, ask your self this question. Would you rather have ten consumers or 1 real estate agent read your blog? I’d choose one agent. Ten consumers might look good on your hit-o-meter, but one agent is worth far more business. I tell lots of originators that they should focus more on agents, and MyTechOpinion is an excellent example of how to do it.

Hello Nicole, I first noticed your blogging efforts on My Tech Opinion, and more recently in the creation of the Help My Agent blog. What inspired you to create real estate agent focused blogs?

First and foremost, I grew up in a real estate household. Both my parents are successful brokers, so naturally my very first after school job was as their front office receptionist. And walking their farms throughout college paid for a summer adventure in Europe. Needless to say I’ve been immersed in real estate for most of my life.

Secondly, I’m forever a teacher! I taught first and second grade for several wonderful years. Now Sarah Fields (my lovely business partner/best friend) and I train and work with real estate agents and title reps. Teaching is in my blood and blogging gives me the forum for sharing helpful tips and resources the way I want to!

All that aside, I would not have jumped into blogosphere without the encouragement of my other amazing half, Reggie Nicolay. He understands my passion for writing and teaching, and was not going to stop hounding me until I gave it a try. I observed his blogging efforts and the blogosphere closely before finally writing my first post 2 months after Reggie created MyTechOpinion. And now the rest is history!

Help does the Help My Agent blog differ from My Tech Opinion?

The HelpMyAgent blog was created to work hand in hand with the upcoming HelpMyAgent solution site. The focus of the blog is marketing/ technology tips and resources for real estate agents. We’ll include support for using HelpMyAgent, along with video tutorials on an array of topics. MyTechOpinion is more heavily weighted on technology based real estate solutions.

Can you give us a sneak peak as to what the main Help My Agent website will offer?

Think of HelpMyAgent as your online briefcase. The site will house a variety of marketing solutions (for both print and email); along with flash animated eCards and tutorials. We’ll also provide business planning and organizational resources and tips, as well as information about blogging and real estate websites. We hope to have something for everyone, and with that in mind, we’ve created agent profile types to help identify specific needs.

How have blogging and web 2.0 platforms like Facebook & My Blog Log helped you network with real estate agents?

I’m actually a bit shy when it comes to first meetings. I tend to be more of a listener and then jump in whole heartedly when I’m good and ready! MyBlogLog and Facebook provided me with the initial examination of the blogosphere and online RE network I needed in order to start reaching out to others. Now when I go to real estate industry events like NAR and Inman, it’s easier to connect with other real estate professionals because I’ve already established an online relationship with many of them.

What are some of your favorite blogs?

RE Revealed, Transparent RE, 3 Oceans, Sellsius, Future of Real Estate, Real Estate Tomato, My Beautiful Chaos, Seth Godin, RSS Pieces, and Inman Blog to name a few. My Google Reader is packed with so many great blogs these days that it’s getting hard to keep up. Blogs reflect our personalities in so many ways (writing style, design, topics, etc.) so I usually gravitate towards ones that provide great RE information in a fun and creative way. My perfect blog is smart, uniquely attractive, clean, organized, and fun loving.

Do you have any tips or advice for a fellow real estate professional that’s looking to get into blogging?

Blogging is a lot like maintaining a fitness regime. In order to see results, you need to put in the time and get the appropriate help. Your personal trainer will usually evaluate your level of fitness and design a program that’s right for your body type. And after a certain amount of training you are usually ready to maintain your program. But don’t forget to update your workout with new techniques from time to time.

Blogging is no different! It’s a commitment, so make sure you really want to be a willing participant. Once you’re ready, get help (not all of us are tech gurus). Decide on which platform works best for you (single or multi-author) and find a blog expert that can implement your ideas and coach you until you can maintain your own blog program. And remember to keep an eye on your other bloggers….they may have some new moves that can help keep your blog in shape!

What’s one funny thing about you that you’re willing to share?

I’m an iPod dance-aholic! I love cleaning and working out with my iPod on, but occasionally I get caught dancing in my gym bathroom when I think all the stalls are empty!

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  1. Jay Thompson

    “NikNik” dancing in the stalls… hmmmm…..

    Another stellar interview Todd. Thanks for sharing Nicole! HMA is already a “must read” IMHO… (and of course MTO has been for quite some time).

  2. NikNik

    Okay, I never said I was in the stalls. But once or twice a gym employee has come out of a stall to find me washin’, dryin’ and shakin’ it! What can I say, I make the most of being sanitary.

    Whether it be in your humble or highest, I appreciate your opinion. And I look forward to meeting you in Vegas!


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