I learned more about blogging in the last two days than in the in all of last year combined.

This is going to sound conceded. It probably is conceded. When it comes to RE.net, I’m an Alpha Blogger.

Alright. There are plenty of people who I hold in very high regard, every bit as high as myself. I learn from these peers nearly every time I open my RSS reader. I’m certainly not trying to say that I’m the last word, or the the only voice worth listening to. Quite the opposite. Nobody knows it all. The entire premise of this blog is to learn from other bloggers.

However, at this point, most of the advice, knowledge, and perspective I come across from other real estate bloggers is not new to me. This Summer, I attended Inman’s Bloggers Connect. For new bloggers, it was an incredibly powerful seminar. For me, it was an awesome networking event, but the education value to the seminar was more like a refresher course. I put pen to paper only one time during the entire seminar. Even then, it was just to write down a funny quote from Glenn Kelman.

I told you all of that to give you a perspective of how the last two days have transpired during my trip to Las Vegas for Blog World. Compared to the one sentence I wrote down at Inman, I have eighteen pages of notes from this two day seminar. Compared to feeling like an Alpha Blogger, I felt like the most recent guy to publish a “hello world” introductory post on his brand spankin’ new Active Rain blog. This conference was unbelievable.

After a full day of classes Thursday night, my mind was so open with new ideas and possibilities that I couldn’t sleep. Tonight, I’m back in Denver, after another full day of training, then a flight home, and sit here in even more wonderment.

It’s going to take me a few days to process how I will share this new knowledge with you. I now know how I can make Brainious work the way I want it to. I know how I will be changing my social networking strategy. I know how to take REMBEX in a whole new direction. Most importantly, I know where I will be next September. At Blog World II.

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  1. Kristal Kraft

    Todd ~ You make me so jealous! I would love to attend the conference…we just got into Vegas today for the “other” convention. Maybe next year I can schedule them both in!

    Hopefully you will share some of your notes with me in Denver…I’ll buy lunch.


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