Blog World Expo Pictures

Here’s just a few pics from the Blog World Expo.

The crowd gathers for the opening Keynote on Thursday morning. Well over 1500 people attended the event. The interesting part is that the crowd is not nearly as nerdy as you might expect. Blogging is as much about creativity as it is about technology.

Ed Sussman of Fast Company sits down with Matt Mullenweg, the founding developer of WordPress. Matt admitted that many facets of WP still “suck”. Area of focus for improvement include easier upgrade procedures, and a nice spell checker. Ed also took this opportunity to announce that Fast Company’s social networking site is about to be re-released.

Out on the trade show floor, the crowd started to filter in. I tried to get a panoramic shot, but those darn Pajamas Media girls kept getting in the way.

This is a pic from just one of the seminar rooms. There were ten tracks to choose from, and you could mix and match them throughout both Thursday & Friday. This was great since a beginner’s track is useless to me, but the podcasting and business tracks that I attended might have been overkill for someone just getting started.

As I posted on lenderama, Gina Elise was another great story at Blog World. She raises money for veterans through a retro style pin up calender that she poses in. Most of the awareness for her efforts have come through publicity from bloggers. Like right now.

The best class I attended was Gary Rosenweig’s Secrets of Great Video Production. He produces an excellent videocast about Apple Computer products called MacMost. Oddly enough, Gary lives here in Denver and owns a book store that I drive by at least once a week.

On Friday morning, I attended The Cult of Blogging, hosted Leo Laporte. Anyone who ever watched TechTV at the turn of the century will surely know him. A couple of the other hosts couldn’t make it, so at the last minute, Leo brought along Justine Ezarik. I had no idea who she was, though I remembered the AT&T iPhone Bill video she made once Leo mentioned it. To my surprise, she’s like totally famous. People watch her lifecast at all hours of the day. I thought about doing my own life cast… for about two seconds. It would probably be more like this guy’s video. This ended up being an amazingly useful class. Especially in the best ways to manage my growing readership. Later on the trade show floor, Justine smiled and waived to me. She’s obviously in love with me, so don’t be surprised if future video shots from her lifecast include her going through my garbage can. 🙂

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