I fear you underestimate my geekiness sir.

I had a great phone conversation with Teresa Boardman last week. She wanted to know if I was going to Inman Bloggers Connect this January. My answer was no. As a mortgage guy, the entirety of the Connect conference really doesn’t suite me. This summer, I went to just the bloggers pre-conference, and it was fun, but not particularly informative. I would still recommend Bloggers Connect to somebody with less experience. I admitted to Teresa, that while it might seem arrogant, I learn very little from other RE bloggers. It’s not that they don’t have a whole bunch to say, it’s just that I’ve probably already heard them (or someone else) say it. I started investigating the use of blogs for my mortgage career over three years ago. Lenderama launched in January of 2005. I’m quite certain I’ve laid my eyes on more RE.net blogs than anyone (at least 1500 of them). I still read a quite a few, but more and more, I’m getting my ideas from outside RE.net. I promised Teresa I would post an article on the sites I follow, and here it is.

Common Craft – Explanations in plain English. A great example of how to explain complex topics in simple terms

Copy Blogger – Brian Clark is making me a better writer. That’s a tall task.

Duct Tape Marketing – Pretty good marketing advice for those of us on a budget. Small business is a focus.

Found|Read – I just “found” this one a couple weeks ago. Great entrepreneurial blog.

How to Change The World – From Guy Kawasaki. It’s a marketing/tech/geek blog. My blogging buddy Phil Leto turned me on to him.

Instigator Blog – anyone who can bring humor to the business world is worth a read.

Linked Intelligence – I found out about this on at Blog World. Linked In is the one social network that is really serious about doing business. This blog covers strategies on how to use it.

Mashable – I love this blog, but I also hate it. They vomit out massive waves of garbage (to me). But then there’s a pearl of enlightenment that makes me love them again. Reading Mashable is a little like playing golf.

Matt Cutts – Seems to me, if you’re going to read a blog that covers SEO, it might as well be frome someone who works at Google.

Pro Blogger – Most bloggers look at this site as the bible. However, much of it really doesn’t appy to the RE.net. There’s only one advertiser on most RE blogs (the agent). So filter out the posts on AdWords and what not.

pmarca – Marc Andreessen is the co-founder of Mosiac, Netscape and most recently, Ning. enough said.

SEO Book – This one just came out, and I’m not sure it will be a long term resident in my RSS reader. But for now, it’s worth evaluating.

Social Networking Watch – another blog found at Blog World. Similar content to Mashable, but more discriminating in what they post.

Tech Crunch – You can’t call yourself a geek unless you read Tech Crunch.

TWIT – Not really a blog. Actually, it’s the most listened to podcast on the net. Hosted by Leo Laporte (God of all geeks) and featuring a crew of characters that makes nerds every ware hearken back to the days of TechTV.

Web Worker Daily – I have a feeling the author’s politics couldn’t be any more opposed to my own, but I like the blog.

Finally, I read Grow_A_Brain. The original real estate blog that really isn’t about real estate. Because sometimes, brain candy is the best way to feed your brain.

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  1. loren nason

    I’ve already got 10 of those 17 now I have all 17.

    looks like some more good reading to add to the list.

    thanks Todd, and I’m not going to connect either, but i might make the SF connect in the summer.


  2. Todd Carpenter

    loren, yeah, I might go to Connect in the summer as well. Summer in SanFransico is cold, but winter in New York is frickin freezing.

    Put Blog World on the calendar though. That was awesome.

  3. Lara Kulpa

    “SEO Book – This one just came out, and I’m not sure it will be a long term resident in my RSS reader. But for now, it’s worth evaluating.”

    Sorry, totally untrue statement in the front there – Aaron’s been blogging since 2003 (on that site, anyway) and the SEO Book itself has been around much longer. It’s a consistently updated eBook, and is always most current on SEO practices. Maybe that’s where your confusion is? But as an SEO/internet marketing person myself, I STRONGLY urge you to continue to pay attention to what Aaron has to say – he’s BRILLIANT.

  4. Todd Carpenter

    OK, SEO book for Bloggers just launched. Or not, I don’t know. It’s probably an awesome resource for SEO, but that doesn’t make it a must read. SEO has limited value IMO.

  5. Jay Thompson

    Mashable: “They vomit out massive waves of garbage (to me).”

    LOL, I feel the same way.

    SEO Book for Bloggers isn’t really a blog, it’s an article on SEO for blogs.

    The SEO Book blog, http://www.seobook.com/blog is well worth a read. Despite the title, it covers much more than just SEO.

    I’ll be freezing my a$$ off in NYC. Sorry to hear you won’t be making it (but I understand). I was invited to speak but am mostly going for the networking. Seems in most conferences the bulk of the learning is done in the hallways and bars.

  6. P in CO


    I agree. Most re and mortgage blogs vomit so much redundant info that I’ve just steered clear of them.

    Sellsius never gets old.

    And for some reason neither does Dan Green over at the Mortgage Reports.

    One blog to check out is TMZ baby!


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