I hate commercials. I love commercials.

A great quote from Ardell DellaLoggia

“Blogging is the show. Not the commercial. If you make it into a commercial, then your readers will go get a sandwich, like they do when a commercial comes on TV”

I love the premise. People visit blogs for information, not a sales pitch. I totally agree. But at some point, RE bloggers would like to convert blog readers into clients, am I right? Sure, some will be so impressed that they will pick up the phone and call. If you’ve charmed them with your blog alone, they are practically in the bag as clients. That’s awesome, but have you thought about how many avid readers don’t make the call because you forgot to ask for the sale on your blog?

I think Ardell is wrong. Sort of. People get up and make a sandwich when a bad commercial comes on TV. What about the good commercials? I love good commercials.

This weekend, while watching a forgettable football game, I went into my office to check my email. As a typical, bad commercial ends, I here a smoking female artist wailing away. I thought it was the bumper music for the game. As I walk back into view of the TV, I see it’s a Apple iPod commercial featuring Mary J. Blige. Wow. Next commercial break I waited for it and saw the whole thing. WOW. I went to Apple’s web site and found the commercial online. For kicks, I checked out YouTube and found dozens of people who had already uploaded it. Apple enlisted a superstar to promote their products. Mary gets a viral marketing campaign that gives her more exposure in today’s web savvy market than any payola schemer ever imagined. Mary’s eighth album will be released on December 12th, with thousands of expected downloads that will come solely from this video.

The genius of Apple, Nike, or even Shell Oil is in creating a commercial so good, that it becomes the show. I think most RE bloggers miss that point. Your blog is the show, now make it a commercial. Ask for the sale. I think it’s misguided to for RE Agents to banish their listings away to their “regular” web site. Their regular website is probably the sort of commercial that people go get a sandwich to. They’ve poured your heart out to show what an expert they are on their blog, not their web site. A blog is the better place to ask for the sale. Maybe it’s just some text, or a widget that collects leads, or listings. I’m not saying to over do it. But you don’t earn a sale unless you ask for it.

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