If you’re not passionate about your blog, maybe you’re not blogging about your passion

In my never ending quest to map RE.net, I’ve come to the conclusion that blogging about something as boring as real estate is hard. Blogging about mortgages is even harder. Lot’s of bloggers start out with a bang, but a few months later the blog goes dead.

If you use your blog primarily to post about all the reasons why your occupation has value, or why rates will go up, or how many homes in your city are vacant, or in foreclosure, or just listed, or whatever, I think you are in for an uphill battle with you’re own attention span. Don’t get me wrong, Robert Ashby and Dan Green seem to be able to blog about the mortgage market quite effortlessly. It can be done by someone with a passion But for the rest of us, I question just how important the subject of your blog is, compared to chances that you’ll to keep it going long term.

Enter the Denver Modern Homes blog. Think of it as a mortgage blog, that isn’t about mortgages.

Modern architecture is a passion of mine. It’s my dream to build my own modern home. I play around with my own designs in SketchUp, read Dwell, and sleep a platform bed. Show me two pieces of furniture designed by Nelson and Eames and I’ll tell which one was designed by who.

Back when I was still originating loans, I decided to try tie my passion to my career. In September of 2005, I launched the Denver Modern Homes blog. My strategery was to use the blog to help me meet RE agents. By creating a clearinghouse for newly listed modern properties, I gave RE agents to connect with me. Just about anyone can write a 1003, but hardly any LO knows how to help an agent sell a home.

Pretty much all I did was post listings to a Blogger powered blog. Dead simple, and it worked! I met some agents. We did some business. All it cost me was a little bit of time. At the same time, lenderama evolved from my obscure, online newsletter, into a nationally read mortgage industry blog. Eventually, I stopped originating, but I kept the Denver Modern Homes going. I kept it because I like to read it. I’m a modern homes fan, remember?

The blog has been on cruise control for about a year. If an agent contacted me with a listing, I put it up. Just enough content for casual readers to come back from time to time. However, I’ve been thinking of what a waste it is to neglect this blog. After all, I love modernism. I’d like to read a good local blog about it, and who better than I am better equipped to build one?

This week, I gave Den-Mod a serious makeover. It’s focus is changing as well. Along the way, I’ll be sharing with you the techniques I’m employing to make it work. As you read each post, imagine that I still originate loans. Imagine how this blog about modernism in Denver would benefit me, then imagine how you could leverage your passion to do likewise.

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  1. Tyler Moxley

    Good Point! There is nothing worse than a poorly written blog on a topic with so much to write about. Passion is key and I think a lot of people write because they think it’s hip!


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