Why Real Estate agents should blog about their listings.

As I noted before, I’m getting serious about my Denver Modern Homes blog. I’ve been coming up with ideas for Real Estate blogs for a couple years now, and am finally getting serious about doing it myself.

Last week I talked about making your blog into a cool commercial. A commercial worth watching. One way to for that is to post about your listings. For some reason, way back when, somebody decided it would be a bad idea to do this. I even agreed. But now I’m not so sure. If your blogpost sounded something like an MLS listing, mentioning a huge list of details and lots of BOLD FACE with extra exclamation marks, and maybe even a little red text thrown in for good measure, then yeah, that’s going to turn your readers off.

But a quick mention of the listing, with a couple pics, and a link off to the main site is hardly going to offend anyone. It’s half the reason they came to the blog anyway. Here’s a screen-shot of a post I put up yesterday. Short and sweet. I don’t see how it would offend anyone. I’m asking for the sale, right in the heart of the blog. It’s a close, but it’s a puppy dog close, perfect for a blog. What I get in addition is a serious long tail opportunity in the future.

Just three hours after posting, here’s what Google thought of of it. I don’t know that it will stay there forever, but I do bet it will have better longevity than most of the other page-one results. Listings on static web sites are usually taken down. Blog posts just get shuffled to the archives. This is a lesson learned from Zillow. It’s not about the listing, it’s about the property. Listings come and go. When they come back, wouldn’t you like to be the top ranked web site for that property’s address? Every listing confined to a sidebar widget, or banished to the main web site is a long tail opportunity missed.

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  1. loren nason

    when people ask me about what to blog about I will tell them to NOT make their blog only about listings, but it’s ok to throw them in there once in a while.

    but the biggest rule of thumb about blogging listings is it depends on what your blog is about.

    Denver Modern Homes is a blog about HOMES. If you blog is about the neighborhood/community then your focus should be to make a neighborhood resource not a listing blog

    I think you on the money with putting listings on denvermodernhomes

  2. Kelley Koehler

    I’ve been making pages for my listings instead of posts, so they last longer and live in their own category on the blog. So far, you can Google the addresses and I’m in the top 3 results, usually #1 (Trulia is starting to edge me into #2). It’s fun to tell my clients to Google their address in a week – and then I can tell in my Analytics when they’ve actually done it. It’s an impressive result.

    I tend not to make regular posts about the listings, but I will do an “about the neighborhood” post specifically because I have taken a listing, although I do neighborhood posts at other times as well. I have a listing in a subdivision called Rincon Trails, so I do a whole post to better know Rincon Trails, and link back to the listing page.

    With all the pictures I post on those listing pages, and the longer description, I’ve been able to send people who make sign calls or call from newspaper advertising and send them directly to that page on the blog site to get more info, which is fun.

  3. Todd Carpenter

    I like that idea Kelley. Since I don’t have listings of my own, I just send them off the the RE agent’s site.

    It will be interesting to see how well Trulia continues to rank for an address after the property is sold.

    Thanks Loren. Until recently, Den Mod posted listings pretty much exclusively, and yet people still came to the blog and liked it. I think it’s just a matter of tone. Having really cool houses to talk about helps a lot though.

  4. Jonathan Dalton

    I’ve been doing the same as Kelley. Google loves them (which is more than can be said about the single-property sites popping up.)

    I never have understood the theory of not posting your listings on your blog, as if you are ruining the purity of the conversation.

    Um, hello? What do you do for a living again? Oh year … then maybe you ought to include a major component of your work.


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