The 2008 Humdinger

The one thing you can count on when it comes to bloggers is that they will find it impossible to follow the rules. Even extremely simple rules like the ones for this contest.

“Each judge will rank them one through ten”

How hard is that? Chris came the closest, Dan completely chickened out, and Nicole played the elementary school teacher. Here’s Chris’ rankings and comments

1. DTPMMALF – Seldom do I laugh out loud while simultaneously cringing in fear for the writer. This accomplished both.

2. Mademoiselle? Qui. La Spinster?…ZUT! – Geno is the best writer in, bar none.

3. The Bubble Gum Interviews -One of my web favorites get’s the “Lifetime Achievement” Award with these interviews.

4. Business Goals – If the truth be told.

5. The honor is all mine! – These lists are at once self-serving and wildly subjective. Kris deserves to be on any list of mine.

6. Please Don’t Destroy My American Dream – Sarcasm done very well.

7. What I’ve Learned In Two Weeks of Real Estate Broker Classes – Jay is a must read. But this is too close to the truth to be funny.

8. Ten Marketing Tips You Can Learn From A Prostitute – I like. And it’s no shame to be #8 on this list.

9. Top 5 Reasons Why You Wouldn’t Hire A Penguin As Your Next REALTOR – I like Mariana’s stuff. Really I do. But I couldn’t relate to the whole penguin thing.

WordPressing their widgets into your Facebooks – I simply can not rate this. First, it’s a YouTube, not a writing. So it’s on a different level to me. As one of the first people to link to it I found it hysterical and certainly worthy of merit. In fact it’s one of my favorite short videos of all time.

But having said that I simply cannot divorce myself from the emotion of the video in relationship to the days that followed. Aaron certainly is deserving of a special place in this contest. More importantly, he is deserving of a special place in our memories.

So put it first, or last. Either way, it’s a great memory.

Here’s how Dan rated you

Dear Funny People,

I am not sure why you’ve asked me to be your judge for 2007’s Funniest RE.Net Blog Post. My only qualification is that I was one of the first three people that asked to be judge. In person, I am only slightly less funny that my series of blog posts about how al-Qaida impacts mortgage rates in America.

But humor is subjective. One guy’s slapstick is another guy’s Carrot Top.

And to me, humor is all about context where context is the set-up for a punchline that’s so spot on, you can’t help but laugh out loud.

So here’s your context:

* You were all left off of Inman’s 2007 25 Most Influential Bloggers list
* You got miffed about it

The 25 named by Inman included some bloggers you read and some bloggers you didn’t. Some of the bloggers you had never even HEARD of. In disbelief, you wondered why you were neither included, nor considered. Problem is, there was no sense complaining about it — you weren’t influential enough for anyone to care.

Enter Kris Berg with the punchline.

By proclaiming herself “Influential Blogger #26”, Kris simultaneously poo-pooh the poll and launched a new sidebar widget craze, the “I Know People On The Inman News Top 25 Most Influential Bloggers List” button. Kris said the right thing at the right time to right group of people. And it made us all laugh out loud.

Because I had to rank them:

1. The honor is all mine!
2. The Bubble Gum Interviews
Tie-3. Mademoiselle? Oui. La Spinster? ZUT!
Tie-3. What I’ve Learned in Two Weeks of Real Estate Brokers Classes
Tie-3. Please Don’t Destroy My American Dream
Tie-3. Business Goals
Tie-3. Top 5 Reasons Why You Wouldn’t Hire a Penguin as Your Next Realtor®
Tie-3. Ten Marketing Tips You Can Learn From A Prostitute
Tie-3. WordPressing their widgets into your Facebooks!

Kris, they say that defending a championship is harder than winning it. Watch out for that target on your back — I plan to write a lot about bird flu in 2008 and that’ll REALLY make ’em laugh.

Nicole will post her comments on her own blog, but here are her rankings

The Bubble Gum Interviews – 2
The honor is all mine! – 3
Ten Marketing Tips You Can Learn From A Prostitute -2
Business Goals – 4
Top 5 Reasons Why You Wouldn’t Hire a Penguin as Your Next Realtor® – 3
Please Don’t Destroy My American Dream – 5
Mademoiselle? Oui. La Spinster?…ZUT! – 5
What I’ve Learned in Two Weeks of Real Estate Brokers Classes -1
WordPressing their widgets into your Facebooks! – 1

I got into the mortgage business because I’m horrible at math. I made spreadsheet to add the scores. I posted my own order there for fun, without counting the points.

Anyway, as you can see, it’s Palm Beach County all over again. I decided to play Justice Scalia. By not ranking Aaron’s video, Chris has created a hanging chad of epic drama 2.0 proportions. I could rank the video as a 10. that would make Athol the winner. I could rank it a zero, as it wasn’t ranked. That would make Aaron the winner. I could rank it a 1, that would make it a tie.

I went with the tie. Athol and Aaron are the winners. Lani, consider this. Had your fellow hound been bold enough to rank everyone 1-10, you might easily have won. I just think you should be aware of this before you start collecting fingers. Mariana, you finished last. If it’s any consolation, I liked your’s the best. But you are still the loser. 😉

Anyway, thanks for playing along. It was much fun. Remember, the 2008 Humdingers are just 11 months away. I’ll have the links published here and on REMBEX in the next day or so.

0 thoughts on “The 2008 Humdinger

  1. NikNik

    Congratulations funny bloggers and Happy New Year! Thanks for submitting your fabulous posts and for all the laughs out loud!

    As I told Todd, the inner teacher in me just can’t give a failing funny grade….besides he never said we couldn’t use numbers 1-10 more than once! 🙂

  2. Athol Kay

    Um wow, much honored here.

    Ironically my post was completely serious when I wrote it. I had to double back and add a humor tag to it when people said it was funny.

  3. Chris Lengquist

    Athol, are you from Mars or Venus?

    Congratulations to all the bloggers. It was no easy task for me as I took my assignment seriously.

    But now that Todd has posted the comments I made I must have my car checked each time before I turn on the ignition. I fear Lani & Benn’s contacts may reach into the remaining factors of the old Kansas City Mafia.

  4. Joseph Ferrara.sellsius

    I am reporting all these bloggers to the blog police (located in Phoenix, I believe). We really should be getting down to serious business and stop all this tomfoolery. Consumers find humor on real estate blogs offensive and we should know better. We really ought to have a blog school so we can send these folks to detention.



    Did JF say he buried the hatchet? That’s funner than the fact that you may have believed him. I have to go find the links to these winning posts.

  6. Kris Berg

    Dan, You were always my favorite. 🙂 Thanks everybody, and congratulations to Athol (I think – I’m still a little fuzzy on the whole “winner” thing).


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