What Kristal Kraft, Teresa Boardman & Hugh Hefner taught me about blogging.

Can you imagine Playboy magazine without pictures? The same would apply to National Geographic, or a more relevant choice like Metropolitan Home, but where’s the fun in associating Kristal and Teresa with them? 😛

People like pictures. I think this point is lost on many RE bloggers. Some are even of the opinion that pictures are somehow a less worthy substitute for substantive discourse. Curbed is often labeled by other RE bloggers as “real estate porn”. In reading that, my thought was, “I don’t subscribe to Islands Magazine for the articles”. Pictures are a good thing.

Median home value charts and monthly sales trends all have their place, especially to the long tail visitor who finds your site through Google. But blogs aren’t just a SEO vehicle for capturing leads. A regular readership should be the goal for any blog. For a local real estate blogger, a reference from a local reader is far more powerful than anything Google has to say. Being remarkable is the key to attracting regular readers. I knew from a review of my own ability as a word smith that I wasn’t a remarkable writer. I’d need to do something else to attract regular readers to my local real estate blog.

While revamping Den-Mod, I looked at home & garden focused magazines and web sites. Pictures dominate the pages. I also reviewed what successful local bloggers like Kristal Kraft and Teresa Boardman were doing. Pictures, pictures, pictures. Sure, their blogs are full of relevant news, charts, and opinions, but the photography plays a central role. Kristal even admits to photography being a crutch for writer’s block.

My conclusion was that people must like real estate porn. One only needs to look at successful real estate smut peddlers like Kristal and Teresa to realize it. Last Fall, I took about 2000 pictures of modern structures in Denver. Whenever I don’t have a new listing or subject to post about, I publish a new gallery. The next time you’re at a loss for words, or just want to add some eye candy for your readers, make like Hugh and take some pretty pictures.

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  1. Teresa Boardman

    Think I talk and write about this often. Pictures and real estate kind of go together. For walls of words there are plenty of news blogs out there. Pictures are unique, kind of like Todd, who used to be unique until he became the secret Greg Swann, but he isn’t any more . . .

  2. Ruthmarie Hicks

    I think a lot of it has to do with time and technology. Some people aren’t particularly good at taking pictures. I’m OK, but that’s only because I take so many pics that SOMETHING has to come out reasonably well. But doing that takes TIME. It’s far easier to slap a cartoon up or nothing at all and simply write about it then to hit the street park your car (or take the subway) and run around for a couple of hours with your camera getting at least 200 shots.

    But real estate and photos go together. I realized after some time on ActiveRain that people who weren’t very local thought of White Plains, NY as a sleepy town. It’s a fairly substantial CITY. So it occurred to me that I need more and better quality pictures. Now, if I review a town or neighborhood in Westchester – I think about what I would need to understand what the town was like visually -even if I had never been there. That means photos and lots of them. …OK real estate “porn.”


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