Fake Greg’s swan song – Google PR4 in under a month.

This is not advice. I’d like to take credit for this, but I don’t really know what happened here. The Secret Diary of Greg Swann is less than one month old, and has attained a Google Page Rank of 4. I don’t know if it will last, so I took a screen-shot of it. I also verified the PR4 though a couple of those “what’s my page rank” sites. Blogs can go months without getting to a PR4. Some have gone years. There’s some lightning here, and I’d love to know how to bottle it.

I started looking around the net, and see that Google updated their PR numbers around the 11th of January. I haven’t paid much attention to FGS’s page rank because the blog is basically done. I noticed last night while writing linkation, location, libation. It’s entirely possible that FGS earned a PR4 less than three weeks after it was created.

Here’s my WAG as to what happened.

It’s entirely possible that Google thinks the blog is about Greg Swann. Greg’s a swell fellow, but like any name, “greg swann” is not exactly the most fought after search term queried. There is no doubt the the undisputed owner of said query is Greg’s BloodhoundBlog. Greg linked to FGS on the second day it was live. I also created two or three track-back links that showed up on BHB. The top ranked “greg swann” blog linking to this newcomer couldn’t have hurt.

Jeff Corbett, Andy Kaufman, and Dustin Luther all posted about FGS. Again mentioning Greg in their posts. A few people like Teresa Boardman put FGS in their blog roll as “Fake Greg Swann”. Just about every reference to the blog was more about Greg then about RE.net (as I intended). I think Google views FGS as an authority on Greg Swann.

Could it really be that simple? I’d love some opinions here.

Some additional observations.

FGS sits on a wordpress.com sub-domain. Is WordPress.com a trusted URL? The 90 day Google trust box did not apply to FGS.

FGS was apparently not penalized by having a really long blog roll.

FGS got where it did with relatively few back links. Maybe quality over quantity?

I never asked anyone to link back to FGS

Einstein would have made an excellent SEO coach – As our circle of knowledge expands, so does the circumference of darkness surrounding it.

0 thoughts on “Fake Greg’s swan song – Google PR4 in under a month.

  1. Jay Thompson

    Beats me, PR works in mysterious ways. It’s also horrifically over-rated, IMHO.

    As for the “theory” that blogrolls somehow are bad, or disturb the force, or get you penalized, I look no further than the Official Google Blog. It has a massive blogroll, and a Google PR of 8.

    Someone can argue that blogrolls penalize you all they want. Goolge’s own blogs (and countless others) demonstrate no such penalty exists.

  2. Todd Carpenter

    Jay, I used to agree that PR was overrated. But that was before my linkation, location, libation revelation. :p

    If you look at the act of someone adding you to their blog roll as a gift, then the gift is more impressive when the linking blog has a higher Page Rank.

    Page Rank is a social networking tool.

  3. ines

    Hey…..it’s extremely interesting – there are bloggers out there busting their tails and still don’t get a PR of 4 – something to be learned here.


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