Blogger Spotlight; Loren Nason

Do you ever get the feeling you’re missing out on a really great blog? Probably because it’s true. I first read Loren’s blog months and months ago, but for some reason, I forgot to subscibe to him in my feed reader. It was only during his excellent coverage of the NAR convention last November that I realized my error. If you’re not tuning in to Loren’s Future of Real Estate Technology, trust me, give it a shot.

Hey Loren, why did you create the Future of Real Estate Technology.

I created Future of Real Estate Technology for my customers and also to spread the word to everyone else. Future of Real Estate Technology is run by me, under my company Your Local Tech. I have 2 part time employees that help me with my work. About 50% of my customer base is in the Real Estate Industry. I blog for the real estate industry because of my customers. I would get constant questions of “What’s new” or “what should I do” so I started the blog to publish my thoughts and keep my customers informed. Most of my non real estate customers also read my blog.

Where did I get the name for FoRET? Well, there is another blog with future in the domain name. Joel copied me. LOL!

Most readers of this post will be real estate professionals that are trying to attract home buyers/sellers. You are marketing to the agents themselves. Do you think B2B blogs should be written any different than a consumer blog?

Not Really. No matter who are writing to, you are writing for the benefit of your customer or potential customer. Real Estate Agents are MY customers. I got a call one day from a business broker whose daughter found my blog article about how to export your AOL contacts to Gmail. Many RE agents get similar calls from readers to help them in their real estate transaction. Blog for the benefit of your readers, but it’s ok to throw personal stuff in there that doesn’t matter for the business. I’ve done it. Search ‘Hot Spring’ at my site and you’ll see what I mean. That’s what’s great about blogs, it makes your business personal.

Your a user of Feed Burner. What advice can you give as to why you use this service?

I’ve used Feed Burner since the beginning. I can’t think of any other service to use. As far as I know all big time bloggers use Feed Burner. The main reason I use it is so I can know how many are subscribed. I don’t look at the stats much on feed penetration. The main reason I use it is so those customers who don’t want to use a feed reader still get my posts by email.

What’s the value of RSS/email subscribers, verses people who occasionally visit your blog to read it?

The value to subscribing is that I don’t post just to see myself speak about technology. I post about new products that actually might be useful and not some piece of new shiny crap product. I also write about how to setup new or current technologies. Subscribing gives you the benefit of filtering out the noise from the rest of the tech industry. I am not trying to sell you a product, except for the occasional affiliate link. I am selling my services of technology coaching for those who need a hand in learning to use their technology efficiently or set it up correctly.

From your experience talking to RE agents, what is the top perceived obstacle that keeps agents from adopting technology solutions like blogs?

The biggest obstacle is that most agents think this is hard. If you remove that road block of “I can’t” or “I’m too old” or “this technology stuff is confusing”, then you can grasp technology and use it to make your business grow by making it more efficient.

When you (agents) got into real estate did you understand all the jargon that was involved? Did you understand all the contracts and forms? Of course you didn’t, but you put your mind to it, opened your mind and learned the industry. If you put that same energy into grasping technology you can understand technology. If you say “I can’t” or “it’s too hard” you have already put in the mental road blocks and you won’t learn.

What are some of your favorite blogs?

3oceansrealestate; 4realz; 1000watt; blood hound blog; blown mortgage; flexmls;

future of real estate technology; transparent re; geek estate; gottabemobile; jkontherun; gigaom; techcrunch; john chow; mlpodcast; reagentinct; agent genius;

Blog Fiesta; scobleizer; self made minds; my tech opinion; seths_blog;

douglas karr phoenix real estate guy;

Ok, I’m done with typing. All the blog’s I read are on my blog on my side bar. I like them all. I am addicted to reading blogs. I need more. I only have about 200 subscriptions.

What advice do you have for agents who are just starting a new blog?

Don’t do it halfway. If you going to create a blog use your own domain on your own hosting account. Doing it this way gives you complete control. Also don’t do it because “it’s the next new whiz-bang tool to get customers” yes it does work but it’s not immediate for everyone.

Start your blog for the benefit of the consumer/customer and the results will come with time. Now you can’t just start a blog and hope they come, you still have to promote it. If you follow all the other bloggers out there you will learn how with ease.

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