Blogger Spotlight: Ines Hegedus-Garcia

Much of what I wrote in my Hugh Hefner post would also apply to Miamism. I’ve written before that one doesn’t need a sexy blog to be a success. But it certainly doesn’t hurt!

Hi Ines. How did you come to the decision to start blogging?

This question merits 2 answers – one is how I learned about blogging and I actually wrote a post about it because it was our photographer, Roy Llera that first mentioned it to us.

The second answer and the most valid is why I started blogging and I think it has to do with the value of being able to establish dialogue with potential customers before meeting them. The idea of having customers know us and understand what value we bring to the table via blog is priceless, so you will see a lot of me in the blogosphere.

I think from a visual perspective, miamism is my favorite blog. How important was the look and design of your blog when you started blogging?

Todd, I thank you and I blush at the same time. Being an architect I can tell you that I am extremely visual and always have clear cut concepts on what things should look like as to represent me and what I’m about. Having a blog that reflects my high visual standards was extremely important and is still a work in progress. I have been called a “perfectionist” and other not so nice things, but can tell you that Mary McKnight is doing a heck of a job staying in tune with my requests (it’s what I call patience!).

On top of the design, you guys add lot’s of visual content in your posts. Some of looks like pictures you take. But do you create all of the pictures? If not, where do you find this content?

The content comes from different places. Our Miamism Fridays series started with Rick and me taking pictures of things that you only see in Miami and calling them …..another Miamism! (Which was obviously the concept behind the site name); then our customers and friends started sending in their contributions and now our audience is engaged in the blog (doesn’t get any better than that).

You will also notice that every post does have a graphic of some sort and the source may be one of my own photos or I may buy a graphic from or (I love high quality shots and some of the stock photography sites have great content).

Rick and I are also starting to use video and although we find the editing process a bit overwhelming at times, at least I found something Rick really likes to do.

Today I set up a mobile photo blog to play around with my new toy (iphone) – it’s so much fun to be able to post photos directly into a blog from your cell phone. (As for the advantages…..we will have to wait)

One thing I noticed about Husband & Wife real estate teams with blogs is that, with rare exception, one blogs their brains out, and the other blogs once in a blue moon. Do you and Rick simply work off each other’s strengths, or is there some other factor (unknown to me) that’s at play?

I do all the blogging, but it doesn’t mean Rick is not part of it, as a matter of fact my whole family is. You may hear one of my kids blurt out “you need to blog about THAT mom!”, and Rick is constantly providing good blog fodder. He wrote one blog when Miamism first started back in June, he also helps me with editing and corrections and lately he has been contributing with the video aspect of the blog.

One of my best friends met her husband while living in Miami. She would speak English to him, and he would speak Spanish to her. And both of them seemed to communicate just fine. Your blog reminds me of them because sometimes you write in English, and other times in Spanish. What’s your philosophy behind bilingual blogging?

The bilingual blogging started off as a rant. During Project Blogger I was getting frustrated with the judging and decided to write in Spanish because the judges were not getting my concept, so might as well be in a different language. Then I realized that the Spanish real estate blogging market is untapped. Looking at the analytics behind Miamism I was shocked to find how many people were searching in Spanish so I decided to start translating content I already had. Rick and I are both bilingual and then my parents jumped in and helped as well. I have to tell you that keeping my “voice” in another language is not easy and some expressions cannot be translated, it is definitely challenging.

My goal is to have a blog in Spanish that mirrors Miamism and it will be called Miamismo – and yes the domain is already registered.

What are some of your favorite blogs?

Do you have room or should I just include my RSS Feeder here? J

As for sense of humor: Mariana Wagner and Lani Anglin are the best.

For fun: Danger Bay Stories

Group blog I have to say Agent Genius

One of the Miami blogs I love: Transit Miami

Real Estate: Sellsius, 4Realz….. I promise I kept it short, I have a list of about 100 blogs that I would add in here in a heart beat!

What advice do you have for agents who are just starting a new blog?

Joining a social network to start off and learn the “unwritten rules” is always a good idea. I started in Active Rain and have made such unbelievable friendships and business relations. I blogged there for over 8 months until I felt comfortable and opened up Miamism. Reading blogging books like Realty Blogging by Paul Chaney and Richard Nacht and Naked Conversations by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel is also helpful. The biggest advice is to dedicate time, be consistent and not to give up. It’s as important to read and comment in other blogs as it is to write. To see results from blogging does take time, but it’s well worth it.

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  1. ines

    Todd – Thank you so much!I was honored to be included in your interviews which such an amazing group of bloggers. I always look forward to seeing who you are interviewing next.

    Brian – you are too kind.

  2. Mariana

    Todd – Ines Rocks! She has been one of my favorite bloggers for so long! I really feel like she and I “grew up” together in the Blogosphere …

    Ines – “you need to blog about THAT mom!” OMG! I get that even from my 4 year old. You are right – even though it is only you diong the physical blogging – it is SUCH a family affair. Blogging has made me more social and more active in my community.

  3. Carole Cohen

    Ines SO deserves this feature she epitomizes what it is to be a good blogger; and I am proud to call her my friend. The Internet gets such a bad rap, we meet and network with amazing people on line. Congrats Ines!

  4. ines

    Monika, Mariana and Carole – you guys are the best and don’t ever underestimate the power of blogging….look what wonderful people it constantly puts together.

  5. Ines

    Hey Roy – thanks for that seed!! and take a look at the monster you created!

    Everyone, Roy is our Star Photographer and the one that told me about blogging! 🙂


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