Vitamin Water, E-Trade & a quiet contribution from the

What a great Superbowl. This is one year where the game definitely out-shined the commercials. Still, I did have a couple favorite ads. Shaq’s Vitiman Water add was pretty funny, and the E-trade baby was very well done. I’m a sucker for Carmen Electra, so the Ice Breakers commercial was another highlight.

But among the razzle dazzle of nationally known brands, I want to give a shout out to fellow member of the that quietly made a statement of their capabilities.

The United Way ran a ten second animated spot to show how people can support their fitness programs by texting “FIT” to “864833” a.k.a. “UNITED“. A $5.00 charge is reflected on your phone bill, $4.50 of it going to the United Way.

Establishing a mobile channel that can handle the United Way’s fund raising efforts on the biggest stage in the world, is a pretty big deal. The company behind it is Mobile Accord. It’s sister company is House Front.

I think mobile applications will play an ever larger role in how housing professionals do business. Housefront is definitely positioned to play an important role in this new market. Kudos!

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