There are no superstars in blogging.

First off, let me say that Amy Chorew will make a fine addition to an already outstanding blog. This post is not intended to be derogatory to her in any way. I wrote most of this post in my head while I was out tonight, not even knowing who Agent Genius’ new contributor was.

Earlier tonight, Lani Anglin, the new media director for promoted this new contributor on twitter stating,

announcing a SUPERSTAR writer on AG in 1.5 hours“.

Lani motivated me to finally write a post that’s been sitting in the back of my head for weeks.

There are no superstars in blogging. Not anyone writing for AG. Not Greg Swann. Not Brad Inman, or Dustin Luther, or me. Not even if Gary Keller started blogging. Not even outside of real estate. Not Robert Scoble, or Guy Kawasaki.

I was told recently by a very good friend of mine, that before she met me, she thought I was a bit of a snob. Part of the elite. It’s not the first time I’ve heard that I intimidate people. Something I guess I need to work on. But I’d be very surprised if anyone thought that after meeting me in person. The truth of the matter though is that I’ve met almost everyone that a new real estate blogger might consider elite, and trust me, there is no secret hand shake. These are all just people with the same brilliant idea to blog as you now have, it’s just that they started a few months before you did.

The idea of no superstars is what I like best about blogging. The day of the super-influencers is dying. Most every decent blogger has something to bring to the table. Before REBlogWorld, who had any idea that Mariana Wagner and Kelley Koehler would be knocking people over with a feather in their sessions? OK, I knew, but that’s only because I took in interest in the way they do businesses through this blog, long ago.

That’s been the beauty of this blog all along. Even if I was the only person to read it, it would still be worth it to me. I have as much to learn from a blogger three months in, as I do from the folks you might consider elite. After a long hiatus, and a funny name change, I finally have time to fire up this blog again. Over the weekend, I’ll be reaching out to more bloggers for interviews. But if you think you have something to add, please don’t be shy. Some of the best interviews I’ve done are from folks I hardly know. Give me a shout at

Today, Rob Hahn asked what the official anthem for should be. Here’s my take. We have a lot to learn from each other people, this whole web 2.0 thing is still brand spankin’ new. Let’s talk.

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  1. Mark Eckenrode | HomeStomper

    hey todd, glad you linked me over to this site. didn’t know you had this one… liking the content you’ve developed here, too.

    in regards to superstars… yes there are superstars (for 15 minutes) but they’re only as good as their last contribution. let’s face it, social networkers are fickle and easily distracted by shiny shit and move on quickly. but, as a result, anyone can be a superstar even if only for 15 minutes.

  2. Matt Fagioli / Diamond Dwellings

    It’s been a lot of fun getting to know all “the superstars”. A few days back, everyone on AR was calling @jeffX a god (little “g” for sure if at all).

    Nope, he’s not any kind of god. Just a guy (nice guy from what I can tell) but just a guy.

    I think what I love most about our 2.0 world is that the playing field is leveled for everyone. One voice can have a big impact – especially if it’s focused & consistent (wow, I wish that was me!)

    If you’re newer to the blogosphere than I am, be encouraged, because your voice can easily rise to the top.

  3. Missy Caulk

    Agreed, but it was fun while it lasted. I learn from so many. They challenge my beliefs and I hope I challenge some of theirs. I just feel I got into this blog or web 2.0 thing before the masses.
    You’re a big teddy bear, Todd.

  4. Mariana

    The is a group of semi-ordinary people with great ideas and forward-thinking business minds. No, that may not be “rockstar-worthy” but it definitely makes us – and everyone LIKE us – stand apart from the masses.

  5. Sam Basel

    What I like about the world is that it feels like a big group of friends/associates standing around debating what the most efficient way to do business is. That is extremely refreshing to me coming from a small town where dog-eat-dog competition is the norm.

    Its easy for someone who is new to blogging in real estate to jump into the mindset that the big name bloggers need to be on a pedestal somewhere. I found out first hand at reblogworld thats not really the case. Everyone I met was very down-to-earth and helpful with even the basic questions…and nobody had a clue who I was or even what I was doing there.

    Great post, Todd .

  6. Ginger Wilcox

    I personally think I am a star, and now you are telling me I am not? Gee Todd, burst my bubble.

    Seriously, the big name bloggers earned their big name because they work at it. In order to keep their spot, they continue to have to work at. Superstars, nah. Hardworkers and consistent writers? yes.

  7. Gretchen - LifeStyle Denver

    Hi Todd,
    I’ve been on hiatus too, tonight I decided to look at your new site. Way cool!

    You are a down-to-earth blog star. The nice thing about the RE Net is that we (the readers) get to choose who to read and whose conversation to follow. Some of the contributors are brilliant writers, others of us are passing but have fun with it.

    If a cult of personality develops, it may be time to find that next great contributor. Regardless of people’s reps, though, most of us read the voices that resonate for us.

  8. Joshua Dorkin @ BiggerPockets

    Todd –
    Thanks for pointing me to the post. As we discussed today, this post hits the nail on the head. Many of the most “influential” bloggers are influential for their first mover advantage. I’m not denying that these people are good at blogging, however, there are many more bloggers out there who are also brilliant writers, but may not get the exposure to make it to the “top”.

    I do think that many people in look up to others that are considered the “cream of the crop,” but like in politics, we need to collaborate with the “big names”, not worship them.

    Thankfully, most of the “big names” out there are down to earth, good people . . . there are, however a few that do seem to have a big head/ego/etc, but I think that everyone seems to keep them in check.

    Remember that all of these “pseudo celebrities” are just real estate agents and others in the biz – nothing more, nothing less.

    Great post!

  9. Jay Thompson

    Right on my friend! Love the anthem selection.

    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a lot of the “A-list” real estate bloggers in real life and without fail (well, almost without fail) they are an incredibly humble, giving and caring bunch of people. As my Grandma used to say, “They are good folk”. They are also a hoot to party with.

    As are the “B”, “C”, “D” listers all the way down to the “Z’s”

    They are all people, and they all have something to offer.

    I betcha almost every “A lister” out there has multiple stories to tell of not only how they helped a “noobie” but also stories of what they learned from a noobie. How cool is it when a conversation starts out with “explain this blogging thing to me” and BOTH parties walk away learning something new?

    Nice to see Blog Fiesta / Lucid Ninja return!!

  10. Amy Chorew


    Loved the post – I never even think of myself as super anything, maybe supernudge, supermarket hater, super, really I own some property, guess that’s it. Meet me and then decide.




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