Join us tomorrow night on The Watercooler


When Chris Smith gave me a preview of Curaytor, I was pretty impressed. The site has become an  essential tool for me in monitoring the I’m also really enjoying Chris and Jimmy’s new video  show, The Watercooler. In just a short time, it’s become the #1 Business Video Podcast on iTunes.

Tonight Tomorrow night, at 9:05 pm Eastern, I’ll be joining them. Grab a beer, come by and say, “Hi.”

One thought on “Join us tomorrow night on The Watercooler

  1. Teresa Boardman

    As much as I enjoy the backward baseball cap set talking about real estate cussing and drinking I will be out with clients just like I have been the last several Wednesday evenings. you are on my short list should I ever decide to have men on my new show: “Afternoon Tea with T”


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