Trulia rolling out changes to broker and listing agent attribution

Edit- see comments below. Trulia says the lack of above the fold listing attribution for the broker is a bug.

Last summer, Trulia made a pretty big deal over changes they made to enhance listing broker and agent attribution on their property description pages to “create positive changes” for their customers. Key among those changes was the prominent display of the listing source, broker and agent at the top of the page.

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 10.03.31 AMThis morning, I noticed that Trulia is now rolling out new property description pages. Changes like these take many days to propagate across the entire site, so your listings may not be affected yet.

I’ve included a screenshot of an updated listing page.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the listing source, broker and agent attribution has been moved down *below the fold*.

In addition, the open contact form is now prominent in the top-right corner. That form was previously located at the bottom of the page. It appears to me that the listing agent in this case has a profile and has claimed their listings. In the past, agents who claimed their listings enjoyed exclusivity in the lead form. Only unclaimed listings had competing agents in the lead form. Now, it looks like the new, more prominent lead form includes competing agents on claimed listings as well.

What do you think of these changes?

5 thoughts on “Trulia rolling out changes to broker and listing agent attribution

  1. Ginger Wilcox

    Hi Todd,

    Ginger from Trulia. We are in the process of making updates to our agent products. Agents will be notified of these improvements in the upcoming week when they are fulling complete; however the particular property you reference has a bug which I have submitted to our support team.

    On the new property display page, we’ve added additional attribution, giving the listing broker prominent attribution above the property photos (above the fold), next to the property description on the middle of the page, and at the bottom of the page.

    See the following for an example new page with the third broker attribution spot).

    This is part of our ongoing effort to optimize Trulia products by aligning each offering to specific agent and broker needs.

    1. Bob Hertzog

      Todd, thank you for pointing this out to all of us that are sending our listings to Trulia. Looks like Trulia is putting all of their eggs into buyer’s agents that are paying for zip codes, and ignoring the listing agents that are paying them to be the only agent listed on their listings. This ticks me off!

      Ginger, no offense, but your response is lame. My listings on Trulia always PROMINENTLY featured my contact information (and no other agents), along with my photo in the upper-right hand corner. It’s now going to be replaced with buyer’s agents buying up zip codes/areas, etc. In addition, it’s a joke to say that the listing brokerage will be given “prominent attribution” by placing it in tiny font in it’s new location. I had to strain to find it. Because of this, I’m seriously thinking of stopping my syndication of our company listings to Trulia. Bad Move Trulia!

      Bob Hertzog
      Designated Broker/Owner-Summit Home Consultants
      Phoenix, AZ

    2. Todd Carpenter Post author

      Thanks for your comment Ginger. In the example you linked to, the listing agent (Mark Risley) is not included at all in the new lead form in the top right corner. Can you clarify why?

    1. Bob Hertzog

      Ginger, thank you for clearing that up. The post didn’t make this clear, and I assumed that ALL listing brokerages were to see these changes to their Trulia listings. I can now see that those that pay will still enjoy the same benefits as before. Sorry for jumping the gun, but I obviously misunderstood the post.


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