9 thoughts on “Will Zillow or Trulia make a play to become a nationwide MLS?

  1. Robert Drummer

    No need to make a play, they already serve as national MLSs.

    Suggested at Clareity conference that some agents post to Zillow/Trulia without listing in their local MLS.

    Another question: Will Zillow or Trulia do anything to stop agents from using them as an MLS?

    1. Todd Carpenter Post author

      Robert, the thing Z & T don’t do is enforce offers on compensation and cooperation. That’s the highest value proposition of an MLS and the reason I don’t think any organization will make a play to build a national MLS.

      1. Wayne Stroman

        Todd it may be the evolution of the MLS and agents will require by the majority less emphasis on that and more on advertising exposure. In Houston with our strong public facing web portal, we may survive longer with the basics of the current MLS structure if catastrophic MLS events occur elsewhere. It will be interesting to see how it goes.

      2. Robert Drummer

        It appears there’s nothing in the Trulia or Zillow terms of use to prevent a user from creating a listing with “Brokers Protected” or similar language along with a link to that agent’s site where an offer/agreement of cooperation and compensation could be downloaded and executed.

        In a tight sellers market like Tampa, FL a listing added to Trulia/Zillow would quickly generate offers and a link from the Trulia page to a site like OfferRunway.com could seal the deal.

        I fully understand the benefits of being a REALTOR® and being a member of an MLS that has rules and regulations to protect the members. Deals are done outside of traditional MLSs everyday and licensees are compensated.

        I also understand that Trulia and Zillow are not going to bite the hand that feeds them. My point is that some are already using these sites to bypass the existing MLS and they can’t be stopped from doing it (yet).

        If the majority of buyers use the Internet to start their search (that’s Trulia and Zillow for all intents and purposes) and JQ Agentor® only lists on those sites, in this market he has a chance to “double dip” or, worst case, compensate the buyer’s agent. Florida allows (assumes) a “Transaction” brokerage relationship so this may not fly in every state.

        It’s a perfect storm of a pocket listing with no cost, national MLS-level advertising.

        Clareity says it’s happening now but I can’t point to an agent doing it.

  2. Wayne Stroman

    I agree that they may make a try at it if they can amongst other things become more credible on their estimates of home values. They only need to ask for the money while mimicking a MLS closely on the input, display and payment sides. You will see a few early adopters (agents and brokers) and maybe an early majority but not after several years unless local MLSs begin failing will you see a major push of investment capital. On the other hand they may be about ready to announce that they have!


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