Top ten most influential real estate leaders on social media.

More often than not, influence and online presence are mutually exclusive of each other. Most influential real estate leaders are not active participants in social media. Many just dabble, and some aren’t even present.

There are very few examples of peers to emulate for a C-level executive in real estate that wants to jump into social media. Here’s a list of industry leaders that do it well:

The top ten most influential real estate leaders on social media

Top Broker – Bill Lublin – @billlublin

billlublinBill operates Philadelphia’s largest Century 21 Firm, and serves on NAR’s Professional Standards and MLS Committees. In addition, he literally helped write the book on social media in real estate, playing a leading role in drafting NAR’s updated e-PRO certification. Bill is a respected voice in the real estate community both on and offline. He is an active participant in numerous real estate blogs, Facebook groups, and just about every other social platform.

Top Local Association Executive – Jessica Hickok – @SugarCube

sugarcubeJessica is new to her role as Assoc Exec/CEO of the Greater Springfield Board of REALTORS®, but no stranger to social media. She’s used it to raise money for diabetes, promote her real estate activities, speaking engagements, and engage with her followers.

If you’re new to executive management, she’s a great example of how to do social right.

Top Brokerage Services Leader – Pam O’Connor – @LeadingrePam

leadingrepamPresident and CEO of Leading RE, Pam has been a long time thought leader in the industry. Recently, I’ve noticed her increased involvement on social media. What I respect most is that she’s so willing to express her personal opinions online, something many leaders have trouble with.

Top Economist – Jed Kolko – @jedkolko

jedkolkoAs Chief Economist and VP of Analytics at Trulia, Jed makes housing data interesting. He’s an excellent blogger and has been very successful in evangelizing his work beyond the to blogs like the Huffington Post. What I like most about his online style is his willingness to promote good content on the housing sector, even when it isn’t his own.

Top NAR Staff Member – Pamela Geurds Kabati – @pamela_kabati

pamela_kabati NAR’s slogan is “The Voice of Real Estate.” As Senior Vice President of Communications, Pamela runs the “voice” of NAR. What I respect most about her social media prowess is her ability to tow the line between personal and professional content. She’s the model for how any company would want their senior leadership to “act” online.

Top MLS Executive – Russ Bergeron – @rbergeronmred

rbergeronmredRuss is CEO of Midwest Real Estate Data LLC, one of the largest and most innovative MLS boards in the nation. The fact that he shares as much content on Twitter as he does is just mind-boggling. Russ also comments on blogs and Facebook groups across the I imagine that he never sleeps.

Top Technology CEO – Spencer Rascoff – @spencerrascoff

spencerrascoffThis one was tough. Pete Flint and Glenn Kelman are some other great examples in this category. However, the Zillow CEO’s engagement on social is pretty amazing. You’ll find him interacting with the press, agents, consumers, and anyone who even mentions Zillow. No wonder he has more than 40,000 Twitter followers.

Top Franchise CEO – Sherry Chris – @sherrychris

sherrychrisWhen I first encountered Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate’s CEO on twitter in 2008, I kinda wondered if it wasn’t a ghost account. It was almost too good, especially that early on. Sherry is THE trailblazer for executive real estate leaders who want to take on social media.

Top Mortgage Leader – David H. Stevens – @DavidHStevens

davidhstevensYou will not find a greater online advocate for the mortgage industry than David H. Stevens. He is the CEO of the Mortgage Bankers Association. SunTrust tried to poach him last year, but the MBA very smartly figured out a way to keep him around. If you only follow one person in the mortgage industry, David should be the one.

Top REALTOR® Advocate – Ron Phipps – @ronphipps

ronphippsAs the 2011 President of the National Association of REALTORS®, he testified before Congress on behalf of REALTORS® and home-ownership. Ron is an international speaker, triathlete, and still finds time to sell real estate. I like his use of social to market his services, engage with members, and continue to promote the cause of home-ownership.

So that’s my list. What do you think? Who are your candidates for best executive leaders on social?

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    Wow, a list. Let the controversy / whining commence!

    Though as lists go, it would be difficult to make a cognizant argument against any on yours.


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