2 thoughts on “With the acquisition of Market Leader will Trulia make a play to become a national brokerage?

  1. Mevin Kitnick

    National Brokerage… REALTORS have an ethical obligation to be knowledgeable about the properties they represent. It will be a cold day in hades before anyone can convince me that a broker in Manhattan who has never resided at a beach is knowledgeable about a beach property, as is the beach resident REALTOR who likewise is not knowledgeable about properties in Manhattan.
    National Brokerage.. The one’s we have now, have agents in the local areas who are local resident experts, and who do work on the local level politically for the local homeowner and consumer to ensure their best interests for affordable housing is always looked after and abide by state Real Estate laws..
    No.. No one can ever convince me that a national brokerage or national MLS is a good idea. However it would take no convincing that the large MLSs should swallow the little MLSs so there is no overlapping, there will be consistently lower dues, and a better MLS…


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