Say hello to the real estate un-franchise

If you’ve ever wondered who it was that Zillow and Truilia were going to disintermediate, read on:

What is the highest value proposition provided by a real estate franchisor? 

3551915905_bbe82ec693_n Is it to provide powerful lead generation?

Is it the training they provide?

Is it the technology and marketing tools they offer?

Is it the agent referral network?

Or, is it the kick butt national advertising campaigns they run?

After many years of industry apprehension, it’s finally obvious who Zillow and Trulia have their sights set on. No, they don’t want to become franchisors, they just want provide most of the popular services a franchisor provides. As these offerings become robust, what will the franchisors need to do to remain relevant?

Photo: Creative Commons license via Flickr user recursion_see_recursion


3 thoughts on “Say hello to the real estate un-franchise

  1. J. Philip Faranda

    Exactly. I would go even further.
    Small, agile micro brew independent brokers don’t have to water down their tools for mass consumption the way larger firms do, and that gives them, in some contexts, an advantage over big box shops.

    There was a time when I seldom beat the big boxes at getting plum listings when there was lots of competition for the job. I get the nod from sellers in that situation routinely now.

  2. John Whitney

    One thing to keep in mind Todd is that Trulia powers the tech/CRM infrastructure for many franchises including KW, NRT, Re/Max, etc. So, our goal is to support and promote the brands and create great products to support their agents.


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