Those old blogger interviews

blog fiesta

– Blog Fiesta, 2007. That one time we ate tacos and talked about blogging.

A decade ago, (seriously) I decided to host a meet-up for a few real estate bloggers in Colorado. I booked it in a Mexican restaurant, so I called it, “Blog Fiesta.” I created a website to promote the event, and decided to interview some of the folks that were attending. This was a full year before the first RE BarCamp.

Blog Fiesta lived beyond the event itself and became a blog about real estate blogging. Unfortunately, I had to abandon the site in 2009.

I recently noticed that I had somehow saved all the old posts from Blog Fiesta. I had even migrated them to this site. I don’t remember doing this, but hooray, they are here. The only issue is that the pictures are missing. I will get around to deleting those image errors… someday.

2007 was the year real estate blogging blew up. Since then, many of the people interviewed have moved on to other things and some of the tools people were using are out of date. Yet, I enjoyed reading through these. You might too. Tools change, but the strategies still apply today.

Here are a few notables:

Mariana Wagner (My first interview)

Jim Duncan

Jay Thompson

Dan Green

Teresa Boardman

Maureen Frances

Terry Lussier

Jeff Turner

Linda Davis

Nicole Nicolay

Ginger Wilcox

Jeff Brown

Mike Mueller

Ines Hegedus-Garcia

Johnathan Miller

Rob Hahn

Plus Kelley Kohler, Chris Johnson, Andy Kaufman, the late, great Laurie Manny and many, many more. See them all here.

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