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Those old blogger interviews

blog fiesta

– Blog Fiesta, 2007. That one time we ate tacos and talked about blogging.

A decade ago, (seriously) I decided to host a meet-up for a few real estate bloggers in Colorado. I booked it in a Mexican restaurant, so I called it, “Blog Fiesta.” I created a website to promote the event, and decided to interview some of the folks that were attending. This was a full year before the first RE BarCamp.

Blog Fiesta lived beyond the event itself and became a blog about real estate blogging. Unfortunately, I had to abandon the site in 2009.

I recently noticed that I had somehow saved all the old posts from Blog Fiesta. I had even migrated them to this site. I don’t remember doing this, but hooray, they are here. The only issue is that the pictures are missing. I will get around to deleting those image errors… someday.

2007 was the year real estate blogging blew up. Since then, many of the people interviewed have moved on to other things and some of the tools people were using are out of date. Yet, I enjoyed reading through these. You might too. Tools change, but the strategies still apply today.

Here are a few notables: Continue reading, your mobile real estate feed reader

2013-04-25 22.14.25Google recently announced that they are shutting down Reader in July. For real estate professionals who used the service to follow blogs and websites, this was disappointing news. If you’re looking for a new RSS reader, there’s lots of options, but don’t forget that I’ve already done most of the work for you.

The home page tracks around 100 real estate websites, blogs and podcast so you don’t have to. Best of all, this site is mobile ready. Go ahead. Give it a shot. Add us to your home screen. You may decide that you don’t need a Google Reader replacement after all.

How RETSO killed my blog

Ever since I attended RETSO a couple weeks ago, I’ve been struggling to make time for this blog. I blame Brad Nix. I’ve been attending RETSO since 2009 and always thought it was an elite real estate conference. However, Brad wasn’t satisfied with its direction. He changed things up. This year’s RETSO was about strategy, not tactics. Don’t get me wrong. Tactics are good, but they need a solid strategic foundation before they’re effective.

2013-04-17 15.40.09RETSO’s organizers focused on building that foundation. It was a risky move. I’m sure there were some unhappy attendees, especially in the shiny object crowd. For others, it was the most beneficial conference they ever attended. Count me in the latter group.

Since last summer, I’ve had an idea. I think it’s a good idea. The handful of people I’ve shared it with also think it’s a good idea. But it was just an idea. At RETSO, it became a business model. Soon, it may even become a business. I’m not ready to share the idea yet, but I’ll likely submit an application for Inman’s new incubator program. You’ll all get to see it soon enough. I’m spending all my free time on it right now.

If the idea becomes a success, I’ll credit Brad Nix. If it fails, Brad still gets credit for giving me the tools to turn an idea into something more. If you’re done chasing shiny objects and want to attend a conference that can help you build skills that matter, put RETSO on next year’s list.

Thanks Brad.


The near future of

fluxGetting back into the blogging game has been fun. I’m really encouraged by the feedback I’m getting from so many peers. Thanks everyone!

I have plenty of blog topic ideas in mind, but would like to get some feedback from all of you. Most of my posts have been about Trulia and Zillow (with another on tap for this afternoon). Would you like to see more or less of this content? After working at Trulia for a year, I feel like I have a unique perspective on these two companies. But I don’t want to overwhelm you all with Z&T talk if you don’t want it. Let me know in the comments.

I’ve also made updates to the calendar that include release dates for economic reports. I’m considering expanding the calendar to webinars as well, but I’m not sure I can keep up. If you produce webinars, and would like to see them here, let me know. Maybe there’s a way to sync up the dates.

Finally, Google Reader is shutting down. If you use Reader to keep up with the latest real estate news, consider bookmarking the home page. I do all the aggregation for you!

Photo: Creative Commons license via Flickr user bokeh burger.