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Data inaccuracy is a community effort.

First off, let me just be clear about my financial relationship to my former employer: I have no vested financial interest in Trulia.

These are my opinions.

bad dataHardly a week goes by where someone in the real estate industry doesn’t write a blog post, commission a white paper, or publish a press release about the inaccuracy of listing data on Trulia and Zillow. Just yesterday, Inman news reported on Zip Realty’s new “listing check” tool. It highlights the number of inaccurate listings on portals that accept non-MLS sourced data. It shouldn’t be news to anyone in our industry that Zillow and Trulia have a significant problem with stale listing data and listing coverage, but I’m often surprised at how many professionals don’t understand why. What’s causing the nation’s top two real estate portals to struggle with this issue? Well, it’s a community effort.

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Saying goodbye to Trulia

My Whiteboard. 2010.

My Whiteboard. 2010.

Well… That was interesting. I learned a lot and really appreciate the opportunity, but my time at Trulia can now be officially categorized as, “past work experience.”  I’m looking forward to what the future brings.

I haven’t decided what I’m going to do yet. There are a couple opportunities I’m pursuing, but nothing is set in stone. It may be a couple months until I decide which way to go. Until then, I’ll be writing here at Redux

allyourebaseA huge part of my job at both Trulia and the National Association of REALTORS® was focused on measuring sentiment among the I define the as the aggregate of online voices from professionals in the real estate industry.  I use several homegrown listening tools to track the and will be sharing them here with the long overdue public relaunch of Be sure to subscribe via RSS or email. There’s more to come.

Custom Google Search

Since 2005, I’ve been monitoring the My real estate blogroll was featured in Investor’s Business Daily in 2006. My REMBEX search engine elevated me to be listed by Inman News as one of the 50 most influential online real professionals in 2007. Over the years, I found that a focused list of sites to index resulted in a higher frequency to noise ratio in searching the The current search (located in the top right corner of this site) selectively indexes key real estate and related websites to give the best possible results.

Real Estate Headlines

Inspired by sites like Alltop and Techmeme, the home page is a categorized and linkable list of the most recent headlines from all the sites that the search engine is indexing, and the posts I find most interesting.

And the other stuff

There’s more to come, but I want it to look a little more polished before I show you. Stay tuned!