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Those old blogger interviews

blog fiesta

– Blog Fiesta, 2007. That one time we ate tacos and talked about blogging.

A decade ago, (seriously) I decided to host a meet-up for a few real estate bloggers in Colorado. I booked it in a Mexican restaurant, so I called it, “Blog Fiesta.” I created a website to promote the event, and decided to interview some of the folks that were attending. This was a full year before the first RE BarCamp.

Blog Fiesta lived beyond the event itself and became a blog about real estate blogging. Unfortunately, I had to abandon the site in 2009.

I recently noticed that I had somehow saved all the old posts from Blog Fiesta. I had even migrated them to this site. I don’t remember doing this, but hooray, they are here. The only issue is that the pictures are missing. I will get around to deleting those image errors… someday.

2007 was the year real estate blogging blew up. Since then, many of the people interviewed have moved on to other things and some of the tools people were using are out of date. Yet, I enjoyed reading through these. You might too. Tools change, but the strategies still apply today.

Here are a few notables: Continue reading

Online Mortgage Pioneer Dies at 53

I was saddened to learn of the recent passing of Warren Hitesh Myer. For those who never met him, Warren was one of the true pioneers of the online world of real estate. He probably originated the first online mortgage in 1992, and founded Myers Internet in 1995.

I moved to San Jose, CA in 2000 to work for Myers Internet, my first web related job. We sold hosted websites to real estate and mortgage companies and generated online leads through sites like,, and Applying for a loan on an SSL encrypted website seems pretty pedestrian today, but this was some cutting edge stuff 20 years ago. Warren was one of the key guys driving the adoption of online loan applications.

 -, powered by Myers, circa 2001, powered by Myers in 2001

My experience at Myers Internet drove me to acquire the URL, I had NO IDEA what to do with it. I just knew I had to have a professional, online presence moving forward.  For a while, lenderama was mapped to a Myers-powered site. Later, when I returned to wholesale lending, I used lenderama as a client resource repository. In 2005, it became my blog.

In retrospect, I owe quite a lot to Warren. He was the catalyst that helped change the course of my career. I sold in 2009, but still feel a connection to the mortgage world through the relationships built through that site.

Over the years, I have had a few opportunities to reconnect with Warren. He was a regular attendee at Inman Connect in San Francisco and fairly active on social media. I was always eager to hear his thoughts and recently connected him with a lending/data startup in the Bay Area.

Like many habitual entrepreneurs, Warren was the single wage earner in his family and did not have life insurance. He is survived by his wife, Suki, and four step-children. Please consider donating to the Warren Hitesh Myer Memorial Fund. I would really appreciate anything you can do for them.

R.I.P. Warren Hitesh Myer.

The sombrero dies at REBlogWorld.

This blog was born because I thought it would be a unique and cheap way to promote a social gathering of real estate bloggers here in Denver during the BlogTour USA.  I held the event at Garcia’s of Denver, as they have pretty good food and a nice big private room for a crowd. The event was a huge success, the biggest of the tour, with over 40 people showing up with just a few weeks of preperation.

Because the event was at a Mexican restaurant, I called it Blog Fiesta. I’ve never really liked the name. But people seemed to like the sombrero icon so I stuck with it.

Before the event even took place, I saw the opportunity to spin this blog into a way to meet real estate bloggers nationwide. That has been the sole pourpose of BlogFiesta, and it worked fantasticly.  I’ve interviewed over 60 real estate and mortgage professionals. Using every one of these interviews as an opportunity for me to meet these foward thing real estate profesionals, and learn what makes them tick.

About a dozen of REBlogWorld’s speakers have been interviewed on Blog Fiesta. In most cases, it was the first meaningful interaction I had with them. The most sugnigicant example would be Teresa Boardman, who I knew almost nothing more than that she was “big on Active Rain” when I approached her about an interview. Today, she is one of my best friends, inside or outside of our industry.

I knew that in planning both REBarCamp and REBlogWorld, and in managing Denver Modern and Lenderama, that I wasn’t going to have time for this blog this summer. But that’s about to change.

On September 19th, at REBlogWorld in Las Vegas, the sombrero dies. I want to break free of the sombrero. I want to break free of this blog’s exclusivity to Real estate agents have been at the forefront of freelance marketers on the web, but I see some other emerging industries that are quite exciting and want to explore them.

Stay tuned! This space is in for one hell of a facelift.