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My Resolutions for 2007

I find that I’m more successful in keeping my resolutions if I keep them secret for the year. Here’s the list I made last year. Honest.

Get named on some fancy schmancy list of big shots

Start an anonymous blog

Take Friday’s off

Join 42,674 social networks. (I fell short on this one, but I gave it my best effort)

Get a massive infection in my leg.

Go to Vegas without gambling a dime

Get interviewed

Talk like a pirate

Create a widget.

Introduce you to my messed up family

Make Teresa Boardman laugh, then make her cry

Meet iJustine

Learn to be a better listener

Improve my skills at being a smart ass.

Become popular by throwing a party with free tacos

Travel 900 miles to sign a poster.

Drink beer on Zillow’s dime, then drink beer on Trulia’s dime.

Meet Odis Jack Gillard

Use the term, “disintermediation” in a blog post

That’s it. Wait until you see what I’ve thought up for 2008!

The funniest blog post for 2007 – Nominations are open

I can’t imagine doing a weekly blogging contest myself, and really don’t want to wait my turn at the carnival. So I’m creating a contest of my own. The first annual Funniest blog post for 2007. Here are the rules.

  1. The post has to be from an blogger.
  2. The post has to be funny

Nominations are now open. I will will pick a short list (bribes will be excepted), and a three judge panel will elect a winner. Anybody want to be a judge? Nomination deadline is 12:01 AM Mountain Time on Dec 27th. The winner will be announced at 12:01 AM on Jan 1, and wins nothing!

Here are a few that I have nominated so far.

The honer is all mine! – Kris Berg

Ten Marketing Tips You Can Learn From A Prostitute – Joe & Rudy (I’m not sure which)

Fixing The Agent Headshot Of Death – Athol Kay

Mademoiselle? Oui. La Spinster?…ZUT! – Geno Petro

Please don’t judge me by my page rank – Teresa Boardman

Top 5 Reasons Why You Wouldn’t Hire a Penguin as Your Next Realtor® – Mariana Wagner

Collegiate Cliques on – Yes, I nominated my own post. It was damn funny.

The Bubble Gum Interviews – Lani Anglin – I nominate the whole series. Sort of like a lifetime achievement award or something.

Nominate your own posts, or the posts of others in the comments section. There’s no limit on the number of posts from any one blogger that can be nominated. Email me if you want to me a judge. Finally, please spread the word about the contest. I could use a good laugh, so the more posts to choose from the better.