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Blogger Spotlight; Mary Pope-Handy

While at Inman’s Bloggers Connect, I was able to meet a lot of people. It was my primary reason for going. But somehow, I never did get a chance to say hello to Mary Pope-Handy. Luckily, she was up for this interview! I originally intended to focus primarily on Project Blogger, but my questions led to another interesting topic as well. Read on.

I want to congratulate you on winning Active Rain’s (and Inman’s) Project Blogger contest. Would you please reflect back a little on the experience?

I’m glad to do that. It was a big committment, the experience had a large impact on me and in some ways, I’m still digesting a bit of it. It is SO neat that we were able to assign the $5000 prize to a great charity, CARE. I’m very thankful to Frances Flynn Thorsen, the managing editor of Real Town, for her mentorship, and also to Joeann Fossland (my real estate coach), for introducing me to Fran.

What originally motivated you to start blogging?

I’ve had good success with web marketing so keep developing that avenue for finding and retaining good clients. I started my main website,, in 1998 I believe. About 4 years ago, I think it was, I realized that if “one’s good, maybe two’re better”. I was meeting good people and closing sales off my first website so added a second one through Best Image/#1 Expert.*

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Blogger Spotlight; Lani Anglin

Earlier this week, Lani Anglin interviewed April Groves. So you had to see this coming. Now April has interviewed Lani. This has been a great exercise that I plan on duplicating in the future. Thank you Lani and April! I would also like to thank Lani for her influence in the design of RBF’s header. I stole was inspired her very original blogroll.

At what point did you know you had found your blogging voice?

Well, not in the shower, that’s for sure (just ask my hubby about my awful singing). I began developing my voice before I developed my blog. In reading all sorts of blogs (and figuring out what the heck a blog was), my frequent comments actually formed what became my blog.

Bloggers draw so much from their personal experiences. How do you create and maintain that line with family, friends, colleagues, and/or clients?

Well, it’s like oil and water- the two coexist by touching each other but don’t mix. I don’t usually write about my personal life, but like any writer, I am affected by everyone that slips in and out of my life. Honestly, most people don’t “get” blogging so I’m never told by anyone but my husband, “don’t blog about this.” Continue reading

Blogger Spotlight; April Groves

“When are you going to interview April Groves for the fiesta? She’s the most positive blogger in the and has become a friend of mine- she has a lot to offer bloggers! 🙂 Lemme know!”

That’s the email I received from Lani Anglin a few days ago that gave me an idea for a new exercise. Just as I have never been one to claim to be the last word in blogging, I don’t see why I should be the only one asking all the questions either. So I suggested to Lani that she should interview April, and here we are. April Groves interviewed by Lani Anglin.

Since it’s an unusual path, tell me about the process of determining the parameters for your two separate blogs.

At first I thought that keeping the two separate was going to be a necessary challenge. In fact, I have found it quite easy. When I first started MLWFY, it was slated to be a real estate blog. However, I found in my market, I would do better to invite people to get to know me rather than the market. So, My Beautiful Chaos became that introduction into April the person – my life, my family, holding the balance. But MLWFY still called to me. While I didn’t feel my market was in need of a hyper local real estate blog, one or two posts about business and development showed me that bent would be a successful avenue. I ran with that and have never looked back. Continue reading

Blogger Spotlight; Larry Cragun

How much do I enjoy Larry Cragun’s blog? Well, it’s been a part of my bookmark tool for well over a year. I not only read it, I recommend it! Larry is yet another multi-blogger with blogs about mortgages, real estate, his local market, and is a building network of local blogs. Larry was yet another blogger I was delighted to meet in person at Inman. Here’s your chance to get to know him as well.

Hi Larry, What inspired you to create both Real Estate Undressed and Mortgages Undressed?

At first I wanted to provide the consumer my strong opinions about the mortgage process. I realized people love to search for homes on the internet and felt it would be valuable if I could inject some education on the mortgage process. A couple of weeks later I started the real estate blog. I was advised to do them both on one blog and probably should have taken that advice.

Why did you create two separate blogs instead of one?

I wanted to make the point there are two important real purchase topics; real estate and mortgages. I have expertise on both and felt I could offer a meaningful voice. Continue reading