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Blogger Spotlight; Maureen McCabe

This interview thing is really starting to take shape. Looking over the list, I’ve surprised myself at the number of quality and experienced bloggers who decided to participate. Today’s interview is no exception Maureen McCabe has been blogging for over two years, a relative  eternity on She’s prolific as well, as a regular contributor to three different blogs. She has a lot to say, and today she’s saying here.

Hi Maureen, by your own admission, you are “biblogular”. With blogs on RealTown, Active Rain, and your independent Columbus Best Blog, you are all over the place. Can you please tell us how how you began blogging in the first place, and how it has evolved to your present status?

Actually I consider myself “triblogular.”  “Bi” would be two, “tri” is three?  I do consider both my presence on ActiveRain and my RealTownblog blogs even if they are part of a network of blogs to be “my blogs.”  I don’t think I understood that RealTownBlogs and ActiveRain were the same thing only different until quite recently. ActiveRain has such great Google Juice it is probably the greatest thing to happen to real estate blogging since real estate blogging happened.

Frances Flynn Thorsen, my Fairy Blogmother kept telling me to blog, she started before NAR convention in 2005.   Frances urged me and a number of people on Internet Crusade’s RealTalk List/Serv to blog.  It started me reading her blog and Grow-a-Brain and a few other real estate blogs occasionally.  I started my RealTown blog, Columbus Best Blog (now Discover Columbus) on August 27, 2005.   Continue reading

Blogger Spotlight; Pat Kitano

One of the highlights to my trip to San Fransisco this summer was a lunch with Pat Kitano. A long time online friend, it was great to meet him in person. Pat took us to a Vietnamese kitchen that, until recently, almost any tourist would miss. It made me think about the best part of Web2.0. Just a few years ago, if a restaurant wasn’t in Frommers, it’s unlikely anyone from out of town would know to try it. Now, there’s a legion of “Pats” eager to share their own recommendations. TransparentRE‘s focus is on bringing Web2.0 to the real estate industry. I only have a dozen RE blogs in my RSS reader, Pat’s blog is one of them. Continue reading

Blogger Spotlight; Todd Carpenter

I bet at least a few of you thought I was going to interview myself. I’m not that vain. However, Dustin Luther of Rain City interviewed me way back in December of 2005. I thought it would be fun to share as his questions as ther’re what gave me the idea for the interview series here.

One note. In a full circle sort of way, the answer to Dustin’s question, “What is the one tool or feature that you wish your site had?” came to fruition. Once I built that search engine, it inspired me to create REMBEX. REMBEX then lead to this blog.
Anyway, it’s kind of neat to look back.

Blogger Spotlight; Morgan Brown

I wish Blown Mortgage didn’t exist. Not because it’s author, Morgan Brown, has acted in anyway unethical, irresponsible, or sensationalistic. No, I just wish the mortgage industry wasn’t giving him an abundance of negative material to write about in the first place. Morgan’s blog is an excellent example of responsible advocacy that has evolved into a bit of an unintended business model.

Hi Morgan, what inspired you to create Blown Mortgage?

I created Blown Mortgage with the same inspiration that led me to start New Day Trust Mortgage. I have always been a big believer in consumer advocacy. I believe that business should help the American public first and profit second. We try to do that every day with New Day Trust Mortgage; but it is very difficult to reach that level consistently across a big organization, particularly in situations as complex and emotional as home financing transactions. In addition, people tend to be very leery about anything that comes from the corporate megaphone of a mortgage company. Trying to get the consumer advocate position across in a corporate communication is limited in its effectiveness as people have built up a large distrust towards our industry. Continue reading