Search via 2007 via 2007

Back in 2007, I had this plan to build a Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) to index every real estate blog. That was back when there were just a few hundred real estate blogs. eventually grew to index tens of thousands of blogs. But as the pool of blogs grew, the results became less and less relevant. I abandoned the project and started a new one. This CSE searches about 100 relevant real estate sites like Inman News, Trulia Pro, and The Big Picture.

To use the search, just mosey on up to the top right corner of this web site. Results are ranked by date, but you can also choose to search by relevance. There’s also an image search. I use it to search for topics, companies, and people. If the person you search for comments on real estate blogs, it’s pretty effective at finding those comments as well. Go ahead and give it a try.