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Blogger Spotlight; Jeff Brown

This is well overdue. I asked, and Jeff accepted the offer to do this interview months ago. Those fires in San Diego played their part. My own absentmindedness contributed as well. The biggest problem is that bloggers are busy people. That’s a good thing in my eyes. I want to have 100 bloggers interviewed by Blog Fiesta’s first birthday in July. I’m just over forty, with half a dozen in progress. That means I need to pick up the pace. If you are interested in this exercise, please don’t be bashful. Email me at todd@mariah.com.

In the mean time, my interview series kicks 2008 off with a bang. Jeff Brown is one of those people who come across to me as smarter than everyone else. It is indeed my honor to present this interview.

Hi Jeff, what led you to create BawldGuy Talking?

The people I listen to when it comes to marketing said it was a must. They explained what it was, and I took their word for it. I had just over zero confidence in blogging at first. That attitude was reflected in post frequency. When Chicago Liz put her foot down and said daily posts had to be the new rule, things changed. Liz also came up with the name, which was better than the one with which we started, Behind The Curtain. (my idea) If it hadn’t been for people around me, smarter people, I wouldn’t have started when I did. It turned out to be solid timing. Absolutely none of the credit goes to me — as in zero zip nada.

The marketing I’d been using had been steadily losing traction for reasons out of our control. I’d asked them to please come up with something new, and they did. Grandma was right again. “Surround yourself with the smartest people you can find.” When it comes to marketing I’m not exactly one of your ‘bleeding edge’ guys. Know what I mean, Verne?

From the beginning, you used your blog to distribute audio podcasts in addition to written content. In your experience, what are the biggest hurdles in distributing audio content on the net?

Here’s where everyone finds out ‘BawldGuy and HI-Tech’ is a nearly oxymoronic phrase. 🙂

I’ve recently decided to update my podcasts. The biggest hurdles now have to do with what format — me talking — interview — other? The subjects will of course be a challenge, as there are so many I’d like to get done, I could become PodcastGuy by spring. Fortunately I now have my son Josh to take up the tech slack. We figure a capital investment of several thousand dollars will be required this year on the tech side. Videos are also in this year’s plans. Continue reading