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Is dotloop good or bad or an association’s intellectual property?

Last week, the California Association of REALTORS® told the transaction management software provider dotloop that users cannot fill out the association’s copyrighted forms using dotloop’s software. Paul Hagey at Inman News provided some great coverage. If you haven’t already read the article, go check it out.

dotsAs a content creator, I certainly understand CAR’s point of view. Frankly, if they don’t want to share their documents, I certainly respect that. But I questioned why one of CAR’s primary reasons for not working with third parties was to protect their intellectual property. I mean, dotloop is just an digital way to fill out a form, any form. It doesn’t seem any different than Docusign, or any one of the many apps that allow agents and consumers to edit PDF’s. I decided to talk with dotloop for their perspective. Chad Humphrey, dotloop’s Director of Industry Relations was kind enough to answer my questions over the weekend.

Hi Chad, please tell us a little bit about your company.

dotloop was started in 2009 by Austin Allison who bought his first house at 17 and sold real estate in college and first years of law school. He saw a system that was broken. His vision was to create a solution that allowed the same synergy between parties sitting at a table negotiating a deal but to provide it as a web based cloud solution. Today dotloop has over 140 employees and provides the dotloop platform to more then 645,000 real estate professionals in the US and Canada.

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