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The 2008 Humdinger

The one thing you can count on when it comes to bloggers is that they will find it impossible to follow the rules. Even extremely simple rules like the ones for this contest.

“Each judge will rank them one through ten”

How hard is that? Chris came the closest, Dan completely chickened out, and Nicole played the elementary school teacher. Here’s Chris’ rankings and comments Continue reading

My Resolutions for 2007

I find that I’m more successful in keeping my resolutions if I keep them secret for the year. Here’s the list I made last year. Honest.

Get named on some fancy schmancy list of big shots

Start an anonymous blog

Take Friday’s off

Join 42,674 social networks. (I fell short on this one, but I gave it my best effort)

Get a massive infection in my leg.

Go to Vegas without gambling a dime

Get interviewed

Talk like a pirate

Create a widget.

Introduce you to my messed up family

Make Teresa Boardman laugh, then make her cry

Meet iJustine

Learn to be a better listener

Improve my skills at being a smart ass.

Become popular by throwing a party with free tacos

Travel 900 miles to sign a poster.

Drink beer on Zillow’s dime, then drink beer on Trulia’s dime.

Meet Odis Jack Gillard

Use the term, “disintermediation” in a blog post

That’s it. Wait until you see what I’ve thought up for 2008!

The 2007 Humdinger Award Short List

Time’s up. Thanks to everyone who participated in nominating 2007’s funniest post on RE.net. About now, I should say something about how hard it was to choose from all the great posts. But that would be a lie. I just threw some darts. It only took a couple minutes.

The finalists, in no particular order:

DTPMMALF – I missed this one originally. The contest was worth the trouble, based solely on this find.

The Bubble Gum Interviews – Yeah, it’s a lot of reading, but very funny.

The honer is all mine! – Kris has many funny posts, but this one is still my favorite.

Ten Marketing Tips You Can Learn From A Prostitute – Thanks to this post, I know that coughing Diet Pepsi back up through your nose is unpleasant

Business Goals – I could fill the short list from The Weenie alone.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Wouldn’t Hire a Penguin as Your Next Realtor® – It sucks enough that I’m not the funniest blogger on RE.net. It’s worse to know I’m not the funniest RE.net blogger in Colorado.

Please Don’t Destroy My American Dream – “I was surprised to learn that my lack of a full-time “paying job” was no barrier”. Leave it to someone from outside RE.net to cover the subprime debacle better than any of us did. Classic.

Mademoiselle? Oui. La Spinster?…ZUT! – Oh, to be a fly on the wall.

What I’ve Learned in Two Weeks of Real Estate Brokers Classes – Funny because it’s what inevitably happens to me every time I pay for training.

WordPressing their widgets into your Facebooks! – Not nominated, but deserving. No matter how bittersweet it is. RIP Aaron.

Your judges are:

Nicole Nicolay, Dan Green, and Chris Lengquist

The rules.

Each judge will rank them one through ten. 1 point for the funniest, 10 points for the blogger we’ll laugh at, not with. 😉 Lowest combined score wins. Each judge needs to provide their ranking to me by the end of Dec 30. Non-judges are welcome to post their own rankings, or number-ones, or complaints that they didn’t make the cut.

The winner will be announced in the first minute of 2008, in the most important time zone on Earth. Mountain. I’ll use the badge above to link the funniest post for one full year on rembex.com, and for all of eternity here on RBF. The winner will be welcome to display it as well.