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What’s your long term mobile strategy?

If you’re an aspiring geek like myself, you probably found yourself downloading and installing the new iOS 7 software update to your iPhone last week. For the first time since launching the iPhone six years ago, Apple has made a huge cosmetic overhaul to the software.

While all those trusty apps that have been developed over the years will still work just fine, Apple’s new look comes with new design standards for all future third party app development.

Many top developers including Facebook, Evernote, and Open Table have already adopted the new standards and their updated apps were available on day one of the new OS release. Apple featured many of the top apps in a special “Designed for iOS 7” section of their App Store.

zillowiosAs you can see, Zillow’s real estate app was among those featured. Not a surprise as they’ve released dozens of updates to their iOS real estate app since they launched it in 2009. Companies like Trulia, Move and Homes.com have similar commitments to Apple’s smartphone phone. Beyond that, they commit similar development resources to Android phones. All of them view mobile as the future.

If you pay employees or a vendor to develop mobile apps for you, now would be a good time to ask them when they plan on getting around to updating the iPhone app to iOS 7 standards. If you haven’t traveled down the mobile app road yet, then here is an essential question to ask of your prospective developers:

What is your long term strategy for continually updating our apps to take advantage of the latest functionality from Apple and Android?

Building a mobile app means committing to an ongoing development program. It’s not a one time expense. Make sure you understand what sort of capital investment will be needed before moving forward.