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Blogger Spotlight; Shailesh Ghimire

This interview is long past due. When I started planning the Blog Fiesta that ended up leading to this blog, Shailesh was a big inspiration. He had organized and moderated a blog seminar in Pheonix just a few weeks earlier that featured Jay Thompson and Gregg Swann. He was kind enough to advise me as to how I might structure the Fiesta, and I had been aware of his mortgage blog for a while, but on top of that, I was really quite astounded to see those two videos. Forget mortgages for a second, Shailesh is networking with RE agents by teaching them about blogging. What an awesome idea. That idea was one of the deciding factors in making a blog out what was just going to be a little get together.

Hello Shailesh, You’ve been blogging about mortgage stuff for about as long as I have. Back at the beginning of 2005, there wasn’t a blogging bandwagon to jump on, what made you decide to experiment with this medium?

Hi Todd. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to answer to some questions. I have always been fascinated by blogging. I started reading blogs back in early 2002 and had always wanted to have one of my own. I never could justify blogging before I got into loan origination. Even when I did begin originating with my wife, I felt I had to have some degree of experience and knowledge in the field before I put myself out there. It all converged in early 2005 and so I started blogging. I just did it because I felt it would be another differentiating factor for my clients.

How does blogging fit into your marketing plan?

Blogging is part of our online marketing plan. I was an online marketing manager of sorts back in 1999 for my employer, so ever since then I’ve recognized the value of a strong online presence. But as I’ve blogged I’ve realized there is more to it than just online market presence. Actually networking starts to happen and off line relationships being to develop. So, in a way blogging is starting to drive other elements of our marketing plan. It’s pretty cool how that is working out for us. Continue reading