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Does owning the listing entitle you to “own” the address in Google?

My friend Bill Lublin wrote a great post this morning calling on MLS’s to adopt Google’s author tags to help identify the true owner of a real estate listing. First off, let me say that I’m 100% for this. However, being the broker of record for a listing doesn’t necessarily make you the best place for Google to send its users to.

Google’s perspective

webresultsThere’s a mid-century modern home in Denver that I absolutely love. According to Trulia, the property was purchased in May of last year. The new owners are renovating the home and building an addition. They created a blog about the property to document the renovation. The house is nearing completion and I assume you’ll find a listing in the MLS before too long. If you Google the address today, you’ll find search results that include this blog and pages that portal sites like Zillow and Trulia have created for off-market property. Very few brokers have a content strategy in place to rank for off market property and because of this, are ultimately losing the SEO race. Google looks for trusted resources that provide a long history of updated information about a search term. The fact that a home is for sale is a very temporary thing. It’s important, and Google recognizes that, but those reliable trusted sources still deserve a lot of credit, and they receive it. Continue reading

REALTOR.com’s “Find It First” advantage; will it last?

Once a fat, dated company that rested on its laurels (and a sweetheart deal with NAR), REALTOR.com® has recently reinvented themselves; they had to. Despite key competitive disadvantages, Zillow and Trulia passed RDC in unique visitors and are poised to widen the gap. Still, RDC has a lot going for it. They have the operational rights to use www.realtor.com, institutional relationships will nearly every MLS, and an awesome development team that has proved they can create user experiences that are every bit as good as the mobile and web offerings from Trulia and Zillow. To highlight some of these advantages, RDC has launched a new campaign called, “Find It First.”

I like the concept. For now, RDC’s access to the majority of MLS sourced listings can be viewed as a competitive advantage over Zillow and Trulia. They have the technology to pull a feed from most MLSs as often as every 15 minutes. In addition, RDC’s agreements with most MLSs are of the opt-out variety by default. Meaning if a broker does nothing, their listings go to RDC. The broker has the option to opt-out of syndication, but very few do. Because of these two factors, they get most MLS listings and they get them fast.

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Zillow: The most comprehensive list of real estate for sale in America.

Don’t kill me. I’m trying to make a point.

I’ve dropped, drowned or lost more iDevices than anyone I know. So I often find myself on Craigslist, looking for a replacement. It seems like half the phones I inquire about are already sold, or scams, or people who never respond back either way. It’s really frustrating. But the next time I need a new phone, guess where I go? Craigslist. Even though Craigslist is full of inaccurate data, it still has the highest number of listings. I’m willing to filter out the garbage to find what I want. Sound familiar?

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