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The unsung heroes of RE BarCamp.


RE BarCamp SF, 2008

Eight years ago, my friend Andy Kaufman decided that it would be a good idea to bring BarCamp to real estate. BarCamp is an unconference, or a conference without speakers and agendas. I’ll tell you right now that I wasn’t sold on the idea of bringing this radical concept to real estate, but felt that, at worst, a couple dozen of us would get together one day before Inman Connect SF, drink some beer, and geek out about real estate. So I was in.

I helped Andy with the event by promoting it online. I created rebarcamp.com, and started drumming up attention for the event. Because I was a very public part of the original crew that helped organize the first RE BarCamp, many people give me more credit than I deserve for the event. Lots of people helped to make the first event a success and even more people helped to turn the event into a worldwide phenomenon Continue reading

RE Bar Camp – this is going to be fun

I split most of today between watching Playoff football, and building a new blog. Yes another blog. This one covers a really cool event that I’ve involved myself in. If you’re planning to attend Inman Connect this summer in San Fransisco, come a day early.

We’re working on a free event for bloggers! Details are here on the wiki, and here on the blog.