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How RETSO killed my blog

Ever since I attended RETSO a couple weeks ago, I’ve been struggling to make time for this blog. I blame Brad Nix. I’ve been attending RETSO since 2009 and always thought it was an elite real estate conference. However, Brad wasn’t satisfied with its direction. He changed things up. This year’s RETSO was about strategy, not tactics. Don’t get me wrong. Tactics are good, but they need a solid strategic foundation before they’re effective.

2013-04-17 15.40.09RETSO’s organizers focused on building that foundation. It was a risky move. I’m sure there were some unhappy attendees, especially in the shiny object crowd. For others, it was the most beneficial conference they ever attended. Count me in the latter group.

Since last summer, I’ve had an idea. I think it’s a good idea. The handful of people I’ve shared it with also think it’s a good idea. But it was just an idea. At RETSO, it became a business model. Soon, it may even become a business. I’m not ready to share the idea yet, but I’ll likely submit an application for Inman’s new incubator program. You’ll all get to see it soon enough. I’m spending all my free time on it right now.

If the idea becomes a success, I’ll credit Brad Nix. If it fails, Brad still gets credit for giving me the tools to turn an idea into something more. If you’re done chasing shiny objects and want to attend a conference that can help you build skills that matter, put RETSO on next year’s list.

Thanks Brad.