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Special Report: Why online consumers love Zillow and Trulia more than you.

zandtcoverdl At the National Association of REALTORS® 2013 Midyear Legislative Meetings, a new round of initiatives was created. NAR released a new report from its REthink program that called for a strengthened commitment to reestablishing REALTOR.com as the nation’s premier real estate portal. The top issue at the data strategies meeting, overseen by NAR’s MLS committee, was the recommendation that NAR put resources behind “owning the online relationship with consumers.“  The committee advanced an amendment that allows MLSes to create public-facing portals with member funding. The Board of Directors approved a special meeting whose intent is to craft a strategy that improves the operating agreement for REALTOR.com and allows them to better compete in the marketplace.

For years, NAR, local MLSes, and REALTOR.com were the leading voices of the real estate industry. Recently, however, Zillow and Trulia have steadily gained consumer audience, and now enjoy the highest numbers in the industry of unique visitors each month. 
For the REALTOR® family, this is clearly a problem. Up until now, it’s been compounded by the group not admitting they have a problem. The initiatives proposed at 2013’s Midyear meetings clearly point to their realization that they are no longer the exclusive voice of real estate. The next step is understanding why they have this problem.

This report is for the so-called 1%. It’s for an MLS board member, a VP of eMarketing at a franchiser, or the CTO of a large broker that’s been tasked with actually beating out Zillow and Trulia at the local or national level. It’s an explanation of the core competencies that have lead Zillow and Trulia to become the most visited real estate web portals in nearly every market. For the REALTOR® family to fully understand this problem, it’s vital that they understand the strengths of their adversaries.

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